Gustav Marten’s SCW Photo Album

April 16, 2017
Jim Persoff from Gustav Marten's album.

Jim Persoff from Gustav Marten’s album.

Those who read Ed Lending’s Los Rompedores or Jim Persoff’s The Noblest Fruit of Them All may be interested in viewing Gustav Marten’s album of Spanish Civil War photographs.  Martens served in the 14th Battery “Dimitrov” DECA (anti-aircraft) along with Lending and Persoff.  There are several photographs of Persoff and thumbnail sketches of the men he served with in the album Minne Fran Spanien. There are many pages of photos of his fellow volunteers, the battery’s equipment and of his interactions with the Spanish people.  Marten’s album is well worth a look and you may recognize some of the volunteers mentioned by Lending or Persoff.

The album is in German and is posted online. I first ran across the album through a link on the International Brigade Memorial Trust site. Enjoy.