80th Anniversary Event: Photos and Video

June 9, 2016
Lydia Cacho and Jeremy Scahill

Lydia Cacho and Jeremy Scahill

On May 7, the ALBA/Puffin Award for Human Right Activism—a cash tribute of $100,000—honored two courageous journalists, Lydia Cacho and Jeremy Scahill, for their dedication to exposing corruption, violence, and the abuse of power which are routinely ignored by mainstream media. They do this work under life-threatening conditions of danger and risk. The day’s events, held at the Japan Society’s auditorium in Manhattan, not only honored the serious work of these journalists but revealed an emotional intensity as each described how they viewed their own activities as a continuation of the legacy of an earlier generation of the men and women who volunteered in Spain. (Video by Pablo Guerrero) Photos by Peter Cunningham, Alejandro Fernández Carrasco and Nancy Salame: