Celebrating 75 years of international solidarity against fascism

December 4, 2011

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the International Brigades, ALBA is hosting a benefit party in the spirit of the ’30s on December 9th in New York City (tickets, info), including live music and a silent auction featuring Jo Davidson bust of Pasionaria (preview and bid). The ALBA event marks the last in a series of extensive commemorations in Spain, Britain, the US, and elsewhere, with new monuments to the Brigades on the campus of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid (which was promptly defaced), and the former IB concentration camp at San Pedro de Cardeña, conferences in Madrid and Barcelona, a London gala, and the stirring musical Goodbye Barcelona.

The four brigadistas in Madrid. Photo Guillermo Sanz for Público.

In October, Spain’s Friends of the IBs (Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales, or AABI) hosted a commemorative reunion that included the unveiling of a new monument to the Brigades at University City, the campus of the Complutense University. This was a site of continuous skirmishing during the Spanish Civil War—and one where many of the earliest volunteers saw their first combat action. ALBA’s James Fernández, Marina Garde, and Gina Herrmann participated in a series of seminars and related public programs. Speakers at the unveiling included Jaime Carrillo, President of the Complutense (and son of Santiago Carrillo, who was also in attendance); Ana Pérez, President of the AABI (which spearheaded the monument initiative); Josu Larrañaga, Dean of the School of Fine Arts at the Complutense (whose students and faculty designed the monument); and representing the few remaining survivors, the British veteran David Lomon, 92 years old and in excellent shape. “Today,” Lomon remarked, “we must still strive for international solidarity and social justice. And we must oppose fascist ideology in whatever form it takes, whether it is racism, anti-semitism, militarism or dictatorship.”

ALBA’s Benefit Party will be held at 6pm on Friday, December 9th, at La Nacional (239 West 14th St, NYC) . Tickets are $25 (order online here). For a preview of the silent auction or to start the bidding, see here; early bids are accepted: just email Marina Garde.

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