To Milt Goldstein by Maury Colow

August 2, 2019
Milton Goldstein

Milton Goldstein

The Volunteer, February 1974

He was one of my oldest friends. We knew each other long before Spain in the street of Brownsville. If there was one thing that characterized him, it was his zest for life. He would sing on picket lines, while we dragged furniture back for evicted neighbors. On Friday morning, January 25th, Milt Goldstein, 58-years old died after a short illness.

He was one of the original Jarama boys and because of a preponderance of Irishmen around him came to be known as the singing Milty O’Goldstein.

He left for Spain from Brownsville, part of the largest contingent from a working class community. After Spain he married Fritzie, became a printer and a teacher, raised a son, Louis, and a daughter, Marsha; a wonderful family.

His song of life, his anti-fascist spirit and humanism remain with us. When we return to a free Spain . . . like so many others, Milt will be forever present.


Maury Colow