Photographs by Dr. Irving Busch

April 2, 2022

Dr. Irving Busch (1896-1960), a graduate of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, volunteered to serve in Spain with the American Medical Bureau.  In Spain, he served with the Republican Medical Services. Both before and after Spain Busch was an amateur photographer and he carried his camera along with him.

After his death in 1960 the family cleared out his apartment.  His camera was put away in a box and in 2005 they rediscovered it.  The family realized that there was film in the camera, and they sent the film off to be developed. Forty-five photographs were returned a mix of photographs from Spain, and Central Park after the blizzard of 1947.

In 2019, his niece put several of his photographs online in her blog “Without Reservations.” There are nine images posted including several of Dr. Busch.


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