Veterans Day

November 10, 2021

Many American veterans went on to serve in WWII and Korea.  This list is a work in progress.

Those marked with an “*” were killed during the war.

Office of Strategic Services

Aalto, William Oliver WWII US Army, joined December 1941 served as 1st SGT transfer to OSS April 12, 1942; Dismissed after he was identified as a homosexual by other Lincoln veterans, He returned to the Army; Discharged February 11, 1944, due to training accident.

Delich, George WWII OSS liaison to Yugoslavian partisans, rose to the Rank of Colonel in the Partisan Army; d. 1946, executed by Tito on charges that he was an American spy.

Du Berrier, Hilaire

Fajans, Isidore Irving US Army later with the OSS.

Felson, Milt Airborne Training; Captured in North Africa; POW for the remainder of the war.

Goff, Irving WWII OSS, later transferred to US Army, Northern Italy working with Partisans.

Jiminez, Mike joined the US Army after Pearl Harbor, 82nd Airborne, served in North Africa and Sicily, rose to Master Sergeant before receiving a battlefield commission; Transferred to the OSS and worked behind the lines in Northern Italy; left the military as a Captain after receiving the Legion of Merit.

Kustera, Frank serving with the Yugoslavian Partisans.

Lossowski, Vincent OSS in North Africa, later transferred to the US Army, Rank Captain.

Marzani, Carl OSS and in 1942 moved to the State Department

Tanz, Alfred Leo Received Airborne Training and served in the ETO, Northern France and Rhineland; Parachuted into France prior to D-Day and stayed in a farm near St. Mere Inglese; Attached to Engineers, served at the Battle of the Bulge; Promoted to Captain; Discharged 1947; Decorated with European, African, Middle Eastern Theater Campaign Ribbon, American Theater Campaign Ribbon, WWII Campaign Ribbon.

Wolff, Milton later joined the US Army.




Adler, Alexander January 8, 1941-October 11, 1946.

Alexander, Frank Edward enlisted June 4, 1942 in the US Army, 93rd Division, First Sergeant.

Allander, William enlisted November 3, 1942, served with Company B, 106th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division, Rank SGT.

Allen, Robert Francis joined June 3, 1942, Rank Private.

Alper, Marcus Mordecai US Army Air Force, Instructor Gunnery School Tyndall Field, Florida; 8th Air Force Tail gunner 35 mission over Germany Rank Staff Sergeant.

*Altman, David Robert 6th Division, 63rd Infantry Regiment, Company E, Rank Private First Class (PFC);  The 63rd participated in the assault on Sansapor, New Guinea (July 1944) and Lingayen Gulf in Luzon, Philippines (began January 10, 1945), Altman died in action on January 15, 1945, Luzon, Philippines; Initially buried in Luzon, was later returned to the US, and is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Amsbury, Clifton Holman enlisted February 1941, stateside and Prince Rupert, Canada.

Andersen, George Henry A. Private First Class (PFC).

Anderson, Melvin WWII US Army and Merchant Marines.

Atamian, John US Army Air Corps, enlisted August 6, 1942, Discharged February 1, 1945, Served in 504 Army Air Force Base Unit, rank Corporal.

Bakerman, Bertram – Enlisted April 29, 1943

Balagurchik, Elias stateside service.

Balter, Morris Chemical Warfare, March 1942-February 1946. Rank Technical SGT.

Barcena, Isadore Frank

Barr, Charles Alfred Master Sergeant.

Basko, Henry (Baszozowsky, Henry) enlisted September 8, 1942, discharged September 26, 1944.

Bassin, Sidney enlisted October 1942 discharged September 1945.

Baumler, Albert John After returning from Spain he rejoined the US Air Force in 1938; WWII volunteered for Claire Chenault’s American Volunteer Group but was delayed and did not arrive until after Pearl Harbor; In 1942 the American Volunteer Group was absorbed into the US Army Airforce and Baumler was reinstated as an officer pilot rising to the Rank of Major; after the war he was reduced to the Rank of Sergeant; Later served in the Korean War; He retired in 1965 with his wartime Rank of Major.

*Bayne, James Alexander enlisted July 1942, died 12 August 1943 as part of the 367th Bomber Squadron, 306th Bomber Group, Heavy, over Ardennes, Belgium, buried in Belgium.

Beebe, Vernold Masten Private First Class (PFC); Enlisted January 10, 1944.

Bell, Hilda US Army Nursing Corps, Australia and New Guinea, with the Rank of Lieutenant.

Bell, Orrin Dwight US Army Air Corps, Captain in March 1943, assigned to Ferry Command.

Bell, Raymond Everett Armed Guard Service on Merchant Marine; WIA, back into hospital for four months beginning in 1944 in the hospital, discharged April 12, 1945; Army, SFC.

Bender, Edward ETO, France and Germany.

Bennet, Charles Clifton –WW I service

Berg, Delmer 389th Anti-Aircraft BN, PTO.

Berkowitz, Isador July 1942.

Berkowitz, Norman Nathan Infantry, Rank Tech SGT.

Berman, Leopold WWII US Army and Merchant Marine.

Binn, Max William enlisted April 1944, discharged February 1945.

Birnbaum, Saul ETO.

Bisson, Elsworth Joseph 1st SGT.

Bonanni, Livio Edoardo Rank SSG.

Bortz, Louis US Army Air Corps, Aircraft Mechanic, stationed in California and Newfoundland, Rank SGT.

Borysko, Andrew enlisted April 16, 1941, discharged October 16, 1945.

Bottcher, Herman 32nd Infantry Division, fought in New Guinea and Leyte Campaigns; Received a battlefield promotion and two Distinguished Service Crosses for his actions in 1942 and on the island of Buna in 1944; Wounded in action on Buna he returned to duty during the Leyte Campaign; He was killed in action December 31, 1944, Manila, Philippines; Buried in the Manila American Cemetery, Plot L, Row 4, Grave 134.

Bourne, James Kenneth WW II US Army?, enlisted December 10, 1942.

Braden, Roy Murl enlisted March 1942.

Brandt, Joseph 1st Special Service Force.

Bready, Robert G. May 10, 1943. tentative

Brier, Morris Infantry, Pacific Theater; Received a battlefield promotion to 1st Lieutenant.

Briggs, Judson Mill Reynolds

Brown, Archie ETO, Private First Class (PFC).

Brown, Otto

Brown, Thomas

Buch Brage, Raphael Recruited to work with British Intelligence, after the US entered the war, he transferred to the US Army as a translator and remained with the service until 1948.

Burns, Paul Arthur –enlisted July 16, 1942, discharged June 8, 1945

Cali, Frank enlisted July 1943, 350th Infantry

Callion, Walter P. enlisted October 27, 1941 in the US Army, Rank First Sergeant.

Cane, Lawrence ETO enlisted in Aug 1942; Sent to Officer’s Candidate School (OCS) at Ft. Belvoir, VA, in November 1942; Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Feb 1943; Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, March 1944; Promoted to Captain, November 1945; Landed Utah Beach with assault wave of Combat Engineers, D-Day, June 6, 1944;  Served with US First Army, VII Corps, 238th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company C, Platoon Leader, July 1944 – November 1944;  Assistant S-2 and then Acting S-2 (Intelligence Officer), Bn staff, Nov 1944-Nov 1945; won Silver Star and Croix de Guerre.

Carl, Edwin –enlisted January 7, 1941, discharged October 22, 1944, rank Private

Carroll, George Aloysius Raymond Private, enlisted May 1942, WW I and WW II, Private.

Carroll, William Reed enlisted December 1942 discharged January 1943.

Castro Seoane, Esmeraldo

Chadwick, Selma Ruth 1st General Hospital, England, Rank Captain.

Chapin, Wilfred Tech 5.

Chase, Homer Bates Paratrooper, SGT, European Theater of Operations; Combat jumps near Wesel and the Bulge.

Chesler, Hyman Frank enlisted March 1943.

Chilton, Gordon Troop A, 19th Cavalry.

Chriss, David –Enlisted May 1, 1945, Rank Private

Cobert, Joseph enlisted February 23, 1943.

Cogswell, Theodore Rose US Army Air Corps, ground officer for cargo planes flying over the Burma “Hump,” Rank Captain, went to Shanghai, China after the war while awaiting discharge.

Cohen, Morris

Cohen, Saul Bernard ETO.

Colodny, Robert Garland 4th Interceptor Command, San Francisco; Briefly assigned to Camp Shenango, Greenville, PA; Later to the Advance Command Headquarters, Aleutian Islands.

Cook, Gerald ETO, Rank 1st Lieutenant.

Cooper, Jack February 1944 to February 1946.

Corona Murro, Arturo In 1942 he joined the New York National Guard and changed his name to Sam Adams Corona, He served in the 13th Regiment Co. C, and the 106th Infantry, rose to the Rank of Sergeant First Class.

Costa, Michael enlisted June 1942, discharged December 1945.

Craddock, James Patrick Campbell US Army Air Corps, Air Force Reserves, Rank Major.

Crawford, Eugene Victor III Corps, Headquarters, Rank Tech 5; ETO overseas from December 1, 1944 until July 6, 1945, discharged November 3, 1945.

Cruz Ortiz, Ernesto enlisted June 1942.

Curtis, Robert Lee US Army Air Corps, 440 Bomb Squadron, enlisted April 1942, Rank Staff Sergeant (SSGT).

Dashevsky, Maurice Isreal 10th Mountain Division.

Davidson, Davis enlisted October 1942.

Davis, Solomon 1942-1945.

DeMaio, Tony Engineers, volunteered for the infantry in December 1944 and served with the 26th Division; Promoted to Sergeant; Awarded the Bronze Star.

Demas, Nicholas John enlisted September 1942, service # 36526152, 1043 Signal Company, Service Group, 51 Assault Group, Signal C, Rank Private First Class (PFC).

de la Casa Barros, Joseph M. 89th Division, 355th Infantry, Medical Detachment, Rank Tech SGT 5, joined August 11, 1942 and was discharged on December 28, 1945.

de la Casa, Jesus –Enlisted August 11, 1942, Discharged September 7, 1943, Rank SGT stateside service

Desvetsko, Charles enlisted October 3, 1945, Rank Sergeant, recalled Reservist.

Deutsch, Julius Herman enlisted March 1942 as a Private, final Rank 2nd Lieutenant.

Dickinson, Derek WWII may have ferried planes for the US Army Air Corps.

Disch, Raymond Henry Private First Class (PFC).

Disler, Walter Clarence Enlisted June 22, 1942, re-enlisted December 23, 1942 and discharged July 6, 1944.

Doran, Larry Fant

Draper, George Tuckerman

Drill, Josef joined July 24, 1942 and was discharged March 25, 1943, no overseas service.

Drummond, Dave

Dubac, Constantino

Duerden, Allen Richard 7th Infantry Division; Tech5 Medical Detachment, received the Bronze Star.

Duncan, Lowell Oswalt US Army Air Corps, Third Air Corps; Gasoline Truck Driver; Rank Private First Class (PFC).

Dyer, Edythe Mae 1942, and Korean War Rank LTC.

Earl, Howard Private.

Econimides, Socrates A.

Edelstein, Samuel enlisted December 12, 1942, and was placed on sick rolls February 21, 1946, he was in Bellevue Hospital from February 1946 to July 1948, and in Corvin Hospital in Pueblo Colorado from February 1948 to April 1950, Received an honorable discharge on May 2, 1951.

Ehrenberg, Isadore US Army Air Corps, enlisted October 7, 1942, ground crew, discharged December 1944 due to Gastro-enteritis.

Ehrlich, Edward – Appears to have changed his name to Edward Young. Under that name enlisted on November 13, 1943, discharged October 16, 1945, likely US Army.

Ehrlich, Rubin Infantry primarily with HQ Intelligence Unit, New Guinea and Japan, discharged 1945, Rank Sergeant (SGT).

Eider, Louis enlisted January 1942 discharged January 1946.

Eloesser, Dr. Leo surgeon. Not in WWII served in WWI.

Estevez Barrena, Manuel –Enlisted March 3, 1942, April 30, 1963.

Exstein, Henry L. Jr.

Faber, William Maurice Rank Staff Sergeant (SSGT).

Fajardo, Mark enlisted December 12, 1942, discharged October 6, 1943, Regiment served in the HQ Company, 301st Infantry, Private First Class (PFC).

Farrar, Max Pacific Theater, Baker.

Farris, Harry Edward US Army Air Force.

*Feller, Michael – US Army Air Corps, 381 Bomber Group, 534 Bomber Squadron,  Killed in Action October 14, 1943.

Feller, Milton – there is a Milton M. Feller, US Army enlisted February 17, 1942, hospital records state admitted to hospital June 1944, discharged from hospital July 1944.

Ferrogiaro, Jerome Ethan US Army Air Corps, bomber gunner serving in the 100th Bomber Group, ETO, His aircraft was shot down on October 8, 1943 during the Bremen mission; Captured after being shot down, he used the name Beard to hide his service in the SCW while he was a POW; He remained in the Air Force after WWII.

Findley, Benjamin Franklin enlisted April 1, 1944.

Finkenberg, Harry – US Army Air Corps, Enlisted September 19, 1941, Discharged June 9, 1945,

Fisher, Harry US Army Air Force, bomber turret gunner France, Belgium, Germany, Rank Sergeant (SGT).

Fitzgerald, Daniel Andrew Lee 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Division, North Africa and ETO Sicily, France, Belgium into Germany.

Flaherty, Edward Coleman Transportation in support of Patton’s Third Army, ETO.

Ford, Robert Preston –Enlisted May 7, 1942, Rank Private.

Forester, Clarence Michael enlisted March 3, 1942, released September 30, 1945, assigned to the North Dakota National Guard, Artillery, ETO.

Foucek, George enlisted February 1945.

Frait, William –Enlisted June 15, 1943, end service January 30, 1946, Rank PFC.

Fulginiti, Frank S. Tech 5

Fulginetti, Francesco Mario Rank Tech Sergeant 5.

Gandall, William stationed in England.

*Gardner, Benjamin Poberesky 79th Division, 314th Infantry, Private First Class (PFC). KIA October 3, 1944, France.

Garland, Walter Benjamin 731st Military Police BN, Rank Sergeant.

Gates, John 6th Armored Division, 59th Armored Field Artillery as cadre; transferred to a service company when the unit went overseas,  Gates appealed the transfer but lost,  Later sent to Aleutian Islands and assigned to 209th Field Artillery, remained with the unit until it rotated back to the United States in 1944,  Gates volunteered for Airborne, Joined the 17th Airborne Division in Germany after completing jump school, He made one jump with the unit on a non-military objective,  Discharged 1946.

Gayle, Louis Anton volunteered for the US Army, served in the Medical Corps, Served as an instructor in Mississippi before going overseas, Landed in Southern France near Aix en Provence, served with a clearing company in the 63rd Battalion, Mobile Army Surgical hospital, which campaigned into Germany before the end of the war, last unit was the 36th Division, Rank Technical Sergeant 3 (T3).

Gebin, Sam – US Army (Air Corps?), enlisted February 2, 1942, discharged July 9, 1945.

Gianfortoni, Joseph Salvatore –Enlisted April 3, 1943, Discharged November 20, 1945

Gibbons, Joseph –Enlisted April 1, 1942

Gluck, Harry US Army Air Force, 443rd Fighter Squadron.

Gnepp, Louis enlisted October 24, 1943 and was discharged February 28, 1944.

Gold, Irving Engineers, Rank Staff Sergeant (SSGT).

Goldstein, Benjamin National Guard September 16, 1940 Federalized, on September 1, 1941 he requested discharge or transfer to inactive reserve and was released; He reenlisted in the US Army after Pearl Harbor and was stationed in Hawaii.

Goldstein, Mendel Milton October 6, 1941 to November 13, 1945.

Golumb, Ned –Enlisted April 16, 1942, discharge 6 January 1946

Gomer, Alexander J. 308th Engineer Battalion; Company D, Cook.

Goodman, Carroll Korea, and Vietnam, Master Sergeant.

Goodman, Robert William Sergeant (SGT).

Gordon, Dave Infantry, Enlisted January 3, 1944; Private First Class.

Gordon, Louis H. 1269th BN Combat Engineers, European Theater of Operations, France, Italy, Germany, Rank Sergeant (SGT).

Gotay Montalvo, Rubén Rank LT.

Grant, Samuel Andrew 7th Division, Bakersfield, California; later transferred to US Army Air Corps, in Air Sea Rescue, Rank Captain.

Grigas, Joseph May 1940 joined Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Regiment, Company A, Private, Earned the Distinguished Conduct Medal for action July 10, 1943 in vicinity Pachino Airfield, served in Italy; Later transferred to the US Army.

Groden, Daniel Samuel –Enlisted February 5, 1943, discharged November 20, 1945.

Grodski, Frank Infantry, discharged due to wounds suffered in Spain.

Gross, Nathan E. –Enlisted May 1, 1941

Gulstad, Raymond A. – Rank Tech 5.

Grumet, Leonard Private First Class (PFC).

Gruskin, Harold enlisted February 1, 1944, discharged November 16, 1944.

Gurko, Maurice

Haig, Haig M. –Enlisted March 6, 1943, Discharged April 30, 1945

Hall, Charles A. 843rd Anti-Aircraft BN, India-Burma-China Theater, Rank Captain.

Heagney, Frank Aloysius 13th Engineers, Company F, Rank Private, non-combat unit due to SCW injuries.

*Hecht, Joseph 65th Infantry Division, 260th Infantry Regiment, Tech SGT, killed in action March 18, 1945, Luxembourg, buried in the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, Hamm, Canton de Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Hecht, Leo Joined on December 7, 1941 and released December 15, 1941, enlisted again January 1, 1942 and was again released on March 29, 1942, he tried one additional time enlisting on April 27, 1942 and again he was released this time on May 21, 1942.

Heinricher, Stanley Anthony 252nd Combat Engineer BN, Europe, Sergeant Major.

Heisler, Gus –Enlisted June 12, 1945, Discharged February 15, 1946

*Hene, Dr. Julius Anault –422nd Infantry, 106th Division, rank Captain, POW  killed December 23, 1944, Netherlands. Believed to have been killed when Allied aircraft bombed the train he was being transported on.

Hilkevitch, Aaron Arthur Dr. Medical Service, stateside.

Hodge, Velmar Edward WWII US Army (?).

Hoff, Harold Smith PTO, Borneo and the Philippines, Rank Tech SGT 4.

Hofmann, Herbert Frank Enlisted in the US Army, June 26, 1942, Served in the ETO.

Hoffman, Morris joined March 14, 1942 and was discharged June 25, 1945; was back in briefly from January 29, 1946 until February 6, 1946.

Holborn, Harry Francis Signal Corps, Radar Installer in California; Later PTO.

Hollander, Herman Signal Corps, stateside service at Camp Crowder, Rank Private First Class (PFC), 1944 to 1946.

Horan, Edward M. US Army Air Corps enlisted on September 21, 1942 discharged November 23, 1945, reenlisted in the Air Force October 25, 1950 and discharged July 11, 1955; Served in WW II and Korea as well and retired in 1955.

Hourihan, Martin William US Army Air Force, 307th Air Base Group, HQ Squadron, McDill Air Force Base, Florida, enlisted September 1942 Discharged December 20, 1945.

Howard, Joseph Hyman –Enlisted November 26, 1940, Discharged May 12, 1945.

Hubbard, Harry Keith enlisted March 3, 1941; served in the Field Artillery, inducted in from National Guard,

Hunt, Helmar John enlisted August 24, 1942.

Hutner, Herbert Hart –Enlisted October 20, 1942, Discharged October 6, 1946.

Hyde, Thomas Alfred enlisted June 15, 1942, saw action in North Africa, later attached to the Third Army during the Battle of the Bulge; In 1945 he was serving in Italy and received a commission as a 2LT in the Quartermaster Branch; Received the Bronze Star and remained in the Army until the late 1950s; He retired as a Captain.

Hyman, Isadore enlisted January 13, 1942, discharge September 1, 1945.

Iceland, Benjamin Isaac –Enlisted December 30, 1942, Discharged December 4, 1944.

Ihalainen, Vaino Armas

Isenberg, Robert Woodrow

Jackson, Bert Edward US Army, Air Corps on February 21, 1942, served with the 99th Division Chief of Ordnance, Rank 1st Sergeant.

Jacobs, Emil Joseph Rail Transportation Office, HQ Squadron, Rank Private First Class (PFC).

Jenkins, John Hollis Tech-4, Anti-Aircraft Artillery in Los Angeles, received a Good Conduct Medal March 22, 1944 and a Bronze Star on July 14, 1944.

Johnson, Allan

Jorgensen, Hans Peter stateside service, Rank Corporal.

Kall, Edwin Lincoln Enlisted February 12, 1941.

Kampel, Jacob Morris –Enlisted November 2, 1942, Discharged June 14, 1945

Kapitz, Siegfried joined February 20, 1945.

Karson, Jack2nd Signal Training Regiment, enlisted August 27, 1942, Rank Private, honorably discharged February 28, 1943.

Kasinof (Kasinap), Benjamin – Enlisted July 14, 1942 

Katz, Max –Enlisted August 9, 1944, Discharged September 18, 1945

Kaufman, Charles Hyman Rank Private First Class (PFC).

Kaufman, Rubin enlisted March 30, 1943, discharged February 16, 1944, medical discharge for Bronchial Asthma.

Kaye, Conrad Sergeant (SGT), Won the Bronze and Silver Star.

Kaye, George 7th Cavalry, later served as an Advisor to the Greek Partisans, transferred to the PTO.

Kea, Salaria Nurse, Rank 2nd LT.

Keller, Anton Loward enlisted May 7, 1942.

Keller, Fred Paul, Jr. –Enlisted February 16, 1944, Discharged May 16, 1946

Keosseian, Armand enlisted September 1, 1942.

Kerhlicker, Anthony Peter Rank Private.

Kish, Leslie WWII US Army Air Corps, Meteorologist, Rank Tech SGT, 1942-45.

Klein, Albert Gerald 1942-45.

Kirschbaum, Max –Enlisted October 2, 1943,

Klonsky, Robert –Enlisted June 8, 1944

Koble, Jack from June 24, 1943, service #32973964.

Kohn, Albert –Enlisted September 3, 1942, Discharged August 23, 1945

Konefski, Ben enlisted September 9, 1942, released November 1942.

Konove, Milton enlisted on December 6, 1944, discharged December 8, 1945.

Kornblatt, Samuel –Enlisted March 27, 1942

Kornell, Mathais Irving US Army Air corps; enlisted 1941.

Koslow, Albert B. 475th Truck Regiment, stateside service.

*Kozlowski, Ernest 77th Division, 307th Infantry Regiment, Co. G, Scout, Private First Class (PFC), was killed in action on December 4(21), 1944, Leyte, Philippine Islands.

Kumpis, John B. US Army Air Corps, 37th Pursuit Group, Rank Sergeant (SGT).

*Kurtz, Sidney US Army Air Corps, 7th Bomber Group, 493rd Bomber Squadron, Gunner on B-24 #42-73059, Staff Sergeant, KIA November 14, 1943, Mandalay, Burma. Killed in the crash of his aircraft his plane was shot down after a bombing raid on the town of Pakokku, PTO.

Kuusisto, Martin Arwar ETO, Rank Lieutenant.

Land, Sanford Karl enlisted March 27, 1941.

Lane, John Albert US Army Air Corps.

Lanser, Manny enlisted May 1, 1942.

Larsen, Dr. Leonard Hans Rank Captain.

Leavitt, Barett David –Enlisted February 18, 1942

Leight, Clara Nurse Corps.

Leinoff, Louis Simon

Lending, Edward Issac Anti-Aircraft Unit, European Theater of Operations, later clerk in division command.

Lerner, Sol Railroad Operation BN, train brakeman.

Levin, Nathan Milton enlisted April 4, 1941.

Levine, Benjamin US Army, Airforce.

Levine, Louis Steven US Army, Air Corps, Bombers, was severely injured in ground accident when a defective bomb-bay door hit him in the head;  The resulting injury forced Levine to spend all but four of his remaining years in Veterans Administration hospitals.

Levine, Sidney Rank Corporal, Served as part of the Japanese Army of Occupation.

Lewis, Walter Charles, Jr. US Army Air Force, Tech SGT.

Lichter, Harry Edward enlisted February 11, 1943 discharged February 23, 1946.

Lissitz, Samuel enlisted December 30, 1943, discharged October 19, 1945.

Litsas, Christoper E. –Enlisted May 19, 1943

Litvinas, Anthony – US Army?, Enlisted December 29, 1942, Discharged October 1, 1945

Lloyd, Thomas Leroy, Jr. US Army Air Corps, enlisted December 14, 1941.

Loch, Rudolph John enlisted March 29, 1944.

Lockett, John Albert –Enlisted June 24, 1942, Discharged November 25, 1945

Lomsky, Abraham enlisted April 27, 1942, discharged June 19, 1995, Rank Private.

López Fernandez, Eliecer enlisted January 21, 1943, discharged October 30, 1943.

Love, Vaughn. 

Luftig, Joseph –Enlisted December 31, 1943

Lustgarten, Lawrence US Army Air Corps, 491st AAF Bomber Squadron, Rank Staff Sergeant, killed in action March 30, 1944, India.

Malbin, Dr. Barney Ivan Flight Surgeon.

Mann, Thomas Dixon, Jr. enlisted August 20, 1943 and was discharged on September 7, 1944.

Maretic, Joseph US Army Air Corps, enlisted October 15, 1940 discharged December 22, 1945; 368th Bombardment Squadron, Rank Tech Sergeant.

Markowitz, Leo Isaac – Enlisted May 8, 1941, Discharged September 17, 1945

Markowitz, Rubin –Enlisted November 6, 1942, Discharged July 2, 1943

Marquette, Edward Mont US Army Air Force enlisted May 8, 1942, released December 21, 1946.

Masjuán Rodríguez, Jaime enlisted February 1941.

McDaniels, Eluard Luchell Initially Merchant Marine, later enlisted September 17, 1942, released June 22, 1943.

McKearn, Joseph William joined June 4, 1945 and was discharged April 19, 1946, Rank Private.

McManus, Gerald and Korean War, Rank SFC, received the Bronze Star Medal.

Meersand, Emil US Army Air Force, Rank 1SGT.

Melnicoff, Edward Nathaniel Rank Private, served in England.

Mendelowitz, Samuel –Enlisted March 3, 1942

Mensh, Harry – Enlisted July 7, 1942

Metsonen, Thomas US Army Air Force, Rank Staff Sergeant (SSGT), Also served in the Korean War.

Mickenberg, Morris –Enlisted April 28, 1942, Discharged December 3, 1943,Rank  Corporal

Miller, David Micah enlisted April 28, 1942 and discharged January 25, 1944.

Miller, Wesley W. Rank PVT

Milton, Harry David

Moore, Thomas Ayers US Army Air Force, 3rd Comm Squadron, rank Staff Sergeant (SSGT), received the Purple Heart.

Morgan, Crawford enlisted August 7, 1942, ETO; Divorced Allie Staten on January 13, 1943.

Morse, Eugene 29th Infantry Division, 121st Combat Engineers, Co. C, attached to 116th Infantry Regiment; Landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day, Was in the same unit as Al Warren.

*Moscowitz, Ignatz was captured by Japanese forces and died in captivity.

Munday, Arthur Infantry, ETO, France and Germany, Rank field commission to Lieutenant.

Nace, George 1907th Tank Destroyer Battalion, Private, December 31, 1942 discharged November 11, 1943.

Nagle, Robert Arnold – US Army, Enlisted June 24, 1941, Discharged December 18, 1945.

Nelson, Robert William – US Army, Enlisted June 3, 1942

Newman, Sol stateside service, tank training.

Nitzberg, Leo

Nobel, Harry 1942-1945.

Nowakowski, Anthony –Enlisted May 5, 1942

Nusser, Charlie

Oderaka, William H. was a guard for General Eisenhower.

Oliver, Louis Anthony

Olsen, Rudolph Henry Rank Corporal.

O’Malley, Thomas William 1943 to 1946, was in the first wave at Iwo Jima.

Ornitz, Louis Noah Coastal Anti-Aircraft Battery, HQ Section; Later 77th Division and 3rd Division, ETO.

Osborn, Norman Jardin National Guard, enlisted November 25, 1940 in the Infantry, Rank Private First Class.

Osheroff, Abe Infantry, ETO, Rank Sergeant (SGT).

Page, Thomas 376th Engineering BDE, Co. C, North Africa and ETO.

Palmer, George Anthony, Jr.- US Army, Enlisted March 20, 1942

Pappas, Michael Anthony “Nick”

Parker, Max 3rd Armored Division, Radio Operator.

Peck, Samuel – US Army, Enlisted September 2, 1943, Discharged June 5, 1945

Penati, Alfredo Left Spain and crossed into France where he was held in French camps; Released at the end of 1939 he tried to return to the US but was forced to move to North Africa; volunteered to serve with the US Army in Africa; Fought at Salerno and Anzio, Decorated with the Silver Star and Two Bronze Stars.

Penrod, John Arthur Philippines, Rank Tech 5.

Persoff, Jim Enlistment February 11, 1943, Discharge April 15, 1946

Petrullo, John Enlisted March 21, 1942, Discharge October 31, 1945, Parachute Infantry, POW, Stalag 4B Muhlberg Sachsen 51-13

Piekarski, John enlisted July 25, 1942.

Poling, Eugene Debs 4th Army, Information and Education Officer, Ft Hood, Texas, kept stateside.

Puglia, Vito Rank Private First Class (PFC).

Putek, John Rank Private.

*Rabey, George US Army Airforce, enlisted as a Private in 1942, Killed in a training accident in Fort Myers on April 14, 1943.

Radacoy, Joseph 837 Depot Co., Rank Tech 3, WIA.

Rappoport, Israel Irving William Infantry, later to Medical Services, stationed in India.

Rawlins, Philip C. entered in 1942 as a Private, made LT in December 1944.

Reed, Robert Lee Quartermaster Corps assigned to the 8th Air Force Service Command, later transferred to the 9th Air Force Service and Engineer Command, ETO England, France and Germany, Rank Master Sergeant.

Rehil, Joseph March 27, 1941.

Richards, Frank. (Frank Ricci) US Army Air Corps, PTO, participated in the landings on Bake Island.

Richman, Benjamin David US Army, enlisted September 15, 1942.

Riffe, Carl Herman US Army Air Force, Private.

Ripps, Alfred enlisted October 7, 1942.

Robertson, Charles Rank Captain.

Rogalla, Edmon John

Rogers, Robert Bruce

Romer, Samuel Meteorologist, later civilian consultant to Mac Arthur in Japan.

*Rosenblatt, Sidney ETO, Motorcycle courier, died in a hospital on October 19, 1944 after he hit a land mine.

Herman Rosenstein (Gabby Klein) – US Army, Enlisted March 13, 1941, Discharged October 16, 1945, Chief Warrant Officer

Ross, Adolph US Army Air Corps, stateside service.

Rossen, John US Army Air Force, Transport Command, Alaska, enlisted February 21, 1942.

Roivainen, Adolph Rank Private.

Royce, Andrew Lee Stateside, Rank Staff Sergeant (SSGT).

Rubin, Henry Mortimer US Army Air Corps, state side and Pacific, Medical Administrative Service, Rank Lieutenant.

Rucker, James Bernard 92nd Infantry Division, ETO, WIA.

Rudnisky, William enlisted October 7, 1942.

Rundgren, Paul William 71st Infantry Division, 5th Infantry Regiment, Sergeant (SGT).

Rusciano, Ricco Joseph enlisted October 21, 1942, discharged September 8, 1943.

Sabatini, Wally Amadeo enlisted January 1945 and discharged September 1946, served in the Infantry Replacement Center, 6th Regiment, 29th Battalion, Rank Tech 4.

Sacal, Joseph Daniel enlisted September 30, 1942, Rank Tech Sergeant.

Sacks, Leon Meyer Rank Private First Class (PFC).

Sall, Bernard Enlisted October 8, 1942, discharged November 11, 1945; Master SGT.

Sanchis Amades, Vicente July 19, 1943 joined in London, England – 18 October 1945, Indiantown Gap Military Reserve, Pennsylvania; Served with Steam Engineer in the 126th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion. of the Fourth Armored Division; Decorations: Good Conduct Medal and E.A.M.E. (European African Middle Eastern).

Sanderson, Paul Murray joined January 11, 1940, served with HQ Command, Delta Base Sec as PVT, later Co. H, 18th Infantry, Staff Sergeant (SSGT), discharged September 20, 1945.

Schmidt, Norman James military correspondent, PTO, Leyte, Philippines, and occupation of Japan, Rank Lieutenant.

Schoenberg, Harry remained in the US Army through the Korean War, Captain

Schuetrum, Walter J., Jr. Rank Tech 4.

Schuler, Clarence Guy 7th Corp Engineers, 332nd Engineer Regiment (1942-1945), Tech SGT.

Schuler, Maynard Harold 361st Infantry Regiment (1942-1945), Private First Class (PFC).

Schultz, Elias 10th Mountain Division.

Schwartzman, Alexander Rank SSG.

Sennett, William US Army Air Corps, 1943 Kessler Field, Mississippi, Taught reading and writing to illiterate soldiers.

Service, Elman Roger reconnaissance and aerial mapping unit, ETO, France.

Shafran, Jacob Joseph Engineers, Europe, Rank Staff SGT.

Shaker, Kenneth Roger commissioned through officer candidate school (OCS) and joined the 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Company Commander; Fought at Anzio, Southern France and the Bulge, Rank Captain, received the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars with Oak Leaf Clusters, and the Purple Heart.

Shantsky, Michael enlisted April 1, 1942, discharged December 5, 1945.

Shapiro, Eugene L.

Shepard, Jr., Harry Carlos enlisted April 16, 1941.

Shimrack, Peter Enlisted 1943, Private First Class (PFC).

*Silverman, Conrad US Army Air Force, 445th Bomber Group Heavy, 700th Bomber Squadron, Navigator, Second Lieutenant; Killed in action December 22, 1943, when his B-24H (#42-64438) was attacked by German fighter and crashed near Bosward, Netherlands.

Silverman, Max ETO,332nd Engineers, He participated in the D-Day invasion and saw action in France, Belgium and Germany, discharged 1946.

Silverman, Samuel Tech 5, enlisted August 11, 1942.

Silverstein, Ester Miriam Nurse Corps, Utica, New York and Dayton, Ohio.  Rank 2nd Lieutenant.

Simonsen, Sigurd Martin Rank Private.

Slater, Carl Theodore 244th Corps Artillery, 2nd Battalion, Headquarters Battery, enlisted June 11, 1939 his enlistment was extended due to the war and he was finally discharged May 31, 1944, Rank SGT

Solis Mesa, Alberto Raul Rank Staff Sergeant.

Spencer, Len Fletcher (Joe Baran) US Army Air Force, 9th Air Force.

Sprungman, Walter H. 57 AA Training BN, CAC, Rank PVT

Steck, Robert Intelligence.

Steinberg, Jacob (enlisted April 28, 1941) or May 12, 1942 to October 14, 1945.

Stephens, Russell Malcolm C-RES, Rank Captain.

Stevenson, Alwyn enlisted July 23, 1943.

Stix, Frederick POW, ETO, Served in the Korean War, Rank SGT (was a POW in Spain as well).

Strauss, Walter Frederick Rank Tec 5.

Sturgeon, Peter Asheton drafted in 1941, served in the 517the Airborne Regimental Combat Team in the ETO.

Susman, William ETO, Rank Sergeant, after the end of the war he was sent to the Philippines.

Takacs, John Joseph 1943 to 1945.

Takacs, Joseph Paul 1775th SCU, Sta Com, HQ Det, enlisted March 25, 1943 and was discharged on April 5, 1945; Worked as a train conductor.

Taylor, Daniel Bede

Teiger, Jacob Louis Engineers, stateside service, Rank Corporal.

Tenor, Leon enlisted February 7, 1941, served in the 147th Infantry Division.

Thayer, Donald Arthur Tech 5.

Thompson, Richard Chester ETO, lost a leg from a land mine.

Thompson, Robert George PTO, decorated for bravery during the Buna Campaign in the PTO, 127th Infantry, Co. C, Staff Sergeant.

Thurston, George Tyson US Army Air Corps.

*Thwing, Robert Neil Corps Area Service Command, HQ Co., Private First Class (PFC), Captured died as a POW, drowned when the prison ship Enoura Maru was sunk on January 9, 1945 in Takao Harbor, Formosa, the ship was transporting prisoners to Japan.

Timpson, Arthur Edward Enlisted on March 24, 1942, ETO served with Patton’s Third Army, discharged November 1, 1945.

Toney, Anthony Army Air Force, Corporal, decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with clusters, served in New Guinea.

Toub, Howard Seymour

Tuggle, Ova Nicholas Rank Private.

Usera Battistini, Vicente US Army Airforce, joined National Guard as a 1LT, promoted to Major during the war, he was reduced back to Captain after the war and remained on active duty retiring as a Colonel.

Valuch, Rudolph Initially deferred as 3-A in the draft (Registrant deferred because of hardship to dependents), Pacific and Asian Theaters, Rank Staff SGT.

Van Meter, Robert Emmett US Army, Air Corps?, enlisted November 5, 1939 and was discharged on November 8, 1945.

Veltfort, Theodore Ernest, Jr. US Army Air Service, enlisted August 27, 1942.

Vogel, Joseph combat cameraman and artist in both ETO and PTO.

Waitzman, Samuel

Wallach, David Hyman “Hy” Army Air Corps, 15th Air Force, 5th Army Corps with Signal Corps; Served in North Africa, Sicily and Italy.

Walsh, Edward Leo. 99th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Co.

Warren, Alvin 29th Infantry Division, Co C, 121st Combat Engineers, attached to 116th Combat Team, Rank Corporal.

Washburn, Griffith Bowen 712 Military Police Battalion, Tech Sergeant.

Waters, Jack. (Wiederhorn, Samuel [real name]) Rank 1st LT.

Watt, George US Army Air Force, Bomber Crewmember, shot down escaped through Spain.  George Watt, The Comet Connection, NY: Warner Books, 1990.

Wawrzykowski, Boleslav [believe this is him 32nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop; Staff SGT]

*Weinberg, Gerald US Army, Air Force, 93rd Bombardment Group, radio operator, Tech SGT; d. October 30, 1943, participated in the Ploesti bombing mission as part of the crew of the crew of B-24 Liberator 42-40608 “The Urgin Virgin” due to battle damage the bomber was forced to land in Turkey and the crew was interned; Returned to the 9th Air Force and was assigned to B-24 42-40246 “Thundermug” and was killed on October 30, 1943 in a landing accident Coton, Cambridgeshire, England.

Weiner, Milton Morris 31st Division, Indonesia, WIA 1944.

Weiss, Harry Nathan enlisted November 23, 1943, served in the 30th Infantry Division, 117th Regiment, Co. M, Rank Private First Class, Went ashore on Omaha Beach on D-Day, recived the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Weissman, Irving Anti-Aircraft, North Africa, Italy-Salerno and Anzio, Northern Europe, St. Tropez landings.

Weissman, Israel Oscar 1942 to 1946.

Wellman, Saul 101st Airborne, Browning Automatic Rifleman served at Battle of the Bulge, severely wounded in action briefly captured but rolled into a roadside ditch and hid.

Wentworth, Henry William Tech 4, enlisted October 1939.

White, Milton enlisted March 27, 1945 released July 29, 1946.

Wideman, Thomas Jefferson enlisted May 15, 1942, released January 25, 1944.

Wildegans, Gustave Rank Tec 3.

Wilemon, Henry enlisted June 19, 1942 in Fort Jay Governor’s Island, New York.

Wolson, Morton US Army Airforce, Rank SGT.

Wren, Samuel Rank Master Sergeant.

Wynne, John Joseph Myles WWII and Korea, US Army, Master Sergeant.

Yates, James

Yuskas, Casmir Richard enlisted May 20, 1943, discharged January 24, 1944, Rank Private First Class (PFC).

Zlatovski, George Michael Intelligence as a Warrant officer, joined in 1942.



Arnaoutis, Heraklis 1943-45.

Azar, Joseph Harold Motor Machinist Mate 3rd class.

Blair, David

Cady, George Arthur in 1943 he was assigned to the USS Chaumont that was in dry dock for conversion to the hospital ship USS Samarita, Rank Seaman First Class.

Colow, Maury

Connelly, John Russell US Navy Reserve, CM 1, joined June 17, 1943, discharged October 20, 1945.

Crawford, Ebb Ferris Communications Yeoman Apprentice, Crewman aboard the LST-928 at Iwo Jima in August 1944.

Estella Jiménez. Miguel Ángel enlisted January 1942.

Fasanella, Ralf.

Fender, Francis Edwin

Freidberg, Saul stateside service.

Giler, Henry participated in the Guam, Leyte, Luzon and Okinawa operations.

Girard, Lucien Joseph (used Donald Joseph Girard), enlisted December 15, 1943, discharged April 2, 1946.

Grunsky, Eugenia she served in the Navy WAVEs as a LT helping to rehabilitate wounded servicemen.

Hakam, Harry 35th Naval Construction BN (Seabees), frogman.

Hartsell, Marshall Fuquay, Sr.  Seaman 2nd Class, noted as being wounded in action.

Hauteniemi, Joe enlisted January 31, 1944, Medical Corps worked in a hospital stateside later in Okinawa, discharged December 11, 1945; Recalled to active duty during the Korean War for 18 months.

Holzman, Benjamin Boruch Seabees, Pacific Theater, Rank Seaman 1st Class.

Hovan, John George Construction BN, “Sea Bees,” enlisted January 31 , 1944; Rank Seaman, PTO.

Jacobs, George Theodore possibly aboard the USS McKean (DD784) as a Seaman 1st Class (S1c).

Kilas, Bali Rank RM3.

Klein, Seymour Atlantic and Pacific Theaters, Rank Lieutenant JG, remained in after the war.

Lucas, Frank

Ludwig, Martin

Manheim, Erwin – Navy (WWI September 28, 1917 – October 10, 1919) WW II – US Army Enlisted February 10, 1943, Discharged March 14, 1945

Nahanchuk, Ivan John Navy Reserve.

Parmelee, Kenneth C. – Enlisted November 11, 1942

Payne, Perley Baldwin, Jr. Honolulu, Rank Seaman 3rd Class.

Portnow, Irving 1943-45.

Pylkki, Ragnar

Quiggle, Harlan Gerald

Reopel, Albert Edward reenlisted in 1950, at the time of his death he was serving as a Chief Petty Officer, d. June 10, 1951 a passenger in an auto accident in that occurred in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Rowlson, Lester LaVerne Seabees, PTO.

Russiano, Thomas Basil PHM3.

Sands, Joseph served on AN-60 USS Catclaw (1943); USS Ford County (LST-772; 1944) USS Kearney and USS Stockton, mustered out May 1946.

Sarti, Paolino Merchant seaman before joining the US Navy, October 8, 1943, served on USS Alaska; mustered out January 31, 1945, Rank Seaman 2nd class.

Semmons, Eddie Lester

Smith, John, Jr. enlisted December 9, 1941, discharged June 21, 1945.

Smith, Randall B.

Thomson, Godfrey Edward US Navy Reserve, LT.

Trogdon, William Rufus stateside service.

Troxil, Stephen Edward stateside service.

Wheeler, William Gilmore North Atlantic, Rank Motor Machinist Mate 2nd Class.

Willuweit, Carl Louis, Jr. Rank F1.

Yellin, John Harley Radar mechanic, April 1944-December 1945.

Yemendijan, Marshall entered service April 25, 1944 discharged January 18, 1946.



Hill, Preston Clair PFC

Spiller, Samue Corporal



Searl, Herbert Hunt enlisted May 14, 1945 and was discharged on November 4, 1949.

Staats, Frank Donald joined December 21, 1941; LT JG.

Wallace, Levin Smith, Jr. Rank S1.




Acevedo Mondragon, Servando

Bailey, William James

Baley, Bernard Vaughn

Aldama Borges, Norberto as a cook.

Bridges, Elhanon Winchester –more likely Merchant Marine.

Brostoff, Bernard later enlisted in the armed forces.

Brown, Richard B. de Witt Merchant Marine officer.

Buturla, FRank Walter

Castronuovo, John Michael

Chisholm, Albert Edward Able Bodied Seaman.

Conway, Maurice

Corbin, Rudolph James was Chief Mate on the SS Bucknell Victory at Okinawa when the vessel was attacked and severely damaged by a Kamikaze aircraft on May 9, 1945.

Cullinen, George Ambrose, Jr. Rank Master Oceans.

*Delehanty, John Alphonse killed when the Mary Luckenbach was torpedoed on September 14, 1942 on the Murmansk Run, the ship exploded killing all crew members.

*Domínguez Bienvenido, Victor killed when his ship was torpedoed date unknown.

Dorland, Norman Edward, Jr. Murmansk Run, awarded three decorations.

DuPont, Robert Charles shipping primarily from the east coast aboard tankers.

Epstein, David

*Fishman, Morris Simon killed February 3, 1943 when his ship the Dorchester was sunk, Fishman was a Waiter aboard the ship.

Fishman, Moses. (Moe)

Flaherty, Charles Alexander

Flaherty, Frank Patrick

Frankel, Irving doing Atlantic runs, Ran Seaman’s Club for the United Seaman’s Association.

Gavin, Eugene Victor Continued as a Seaman after the war.

Gavin, Robert Owen Licensed Junior Engineer.

Geir, Leo

*Gordon, Joe joined the Merchant Marines in 1942; Serving as a wiper. He was killed on January 1, 1943 when his ship the Arthur Middleton was torpedoed.

Graeber, Kenneth on Atlantic and Pacific ships, made Rank of 3rd Mate.

Hale, Robert Appleton

Haywood, Harry

Hendrickson, George Sidney Radio operator from 1941-45.

Keir, Duncan, Jr. second mate on a Liberty ship in PTO.

Keith, Charles Lawrence serving on the Murmansk Run.

Kelly, David Gillis

Kirchner, Karl

*Korb, Max Killed in the sinking of the Stella Lykes on July 27, 1942; Korb was an oiler on the vessel and died when the ship was torpedoed.

*Kozar, John Killed at sea when his ship the Friar Rock was torpedoed by a submarine on January 13, 1942; Kozar, who was serving as 1st Engineer aboard the vessel, died of hypothermia before he could be rescued.

Lizarrago, Manuel – Merchant Marine (or seaman)

McCarthy, William Frederick – Merchant Marine

Mail, John George

Mani, Freeman Woodson

Markert, Clement Lawrence Pacific and Indian Oceans, Chief Radio Officer aboard the SS C.K. McClatcher, Rank Warrant Officer.

McStravick, James Terrence

Michaelides, Antonis Thrasivoulou (may have served in the Navy but more likely Merchant Marine)

Miller, Frank Ralph

Morris, Virgil Lanny – US Merchant Marines, Enlistment date August 7, 1945, service end date August 15, 1945

Mouton, Roy Leonard

Newcomb, Otmus Andrew

Olson, Leonard Evan

Paula Bolanos, Eladio trips on the Murmansk Run; Returned to Cuba in 1961 and served in the Cuban MNR as a Company Commander.

Peck, James Lincoln Holt

Persily, Coleman, sheet metal worker in a shipyard and later in the Merchant Marine as a Seaman (ordinary).

*Rissanen, Tuomas Taisto Killed in action January 1, 1943, when the Liberty ship Arthur Middleton was torpedoed, he was serving as a Messman on the ship, Merchant Marine ID 1369.

Robinson, John Quigley

Roffman, Joseph

Rosenkrantz, Lawrence

Rosner, Hyman oil tankers in the Atlantic,  Rank ordinary seaman,  Severely injured lost right leg and had pelvis fractured,  In hospital for over a year, first in Halifax, Nova Scotia and later in New York City.

Rui, Rudolph

Scarpello, Charles Anthony February 19, 1942 to August 15, 1945.

Schlekau, Walter Edward South Pacific, baker.

Shiff, Solomon

Shilman, Arthur Steward.

Sovetski, Bunni

Stanley, Freddie Owen Officer with an Engineer’s license.

*Steinberg, Joseph Harry Killed in action May 26, 1942, on the Murmansk run when his ship, the freighter Syros, was torpedoed and sank near Bear Island.

Sutiinen, Henry Oliver

Vail, Earl Frederick

Van Felix, William Crane Radio officer, Ensign, torpedoed, won Merchant Marine Combat Medal and Atlantic War Zone Medal; Coast Guard.

Weiderhorn, Samuel 1LT, Bronze Star Medal

Williams, Paul Elisha

Wirta, Paul Edouard

Young, Joseph Lafayette officer.

Zalon, Sol Continued to sail at least until 1952.

*Zecovic, Milan Killed on December 19, 1941 when the Prusa, a Hog Islander class transport, was torpedoed in the Pacific, he was a Bosun on the vessel.


American Veterans Who Served in Other Armies


Gladnick, Robert enlisted in the Canadian Army and served in armored unit, ETO.

Grigas, Joseph see US Army list.

Randall, Harry Wayland, Jr. enlisted in the Canadian Army, served in England making newsreels with the Film and Photo Unit.

*Zoul, George enlisted in the Canadian Army on June 18, 1940, Served with the 4 Field Ambulance, RCAMC, ambulance driver, Private; Appears to have deserted and stowed away aboard the Panamanian ship SS Csarda, when threatened with arrest he drowned while attempting to swim to Spain with a life-vest; d. July 20, 1941, drowned off coast of Gibraltar, buried in the North Front Cemetery, Gibraltar.


ARMED FORCES – Branch not identified


Baker, Edward 

Bakeric, John R. 

Bartl, Arsen 

Begelman, Elias 

Blum, Harry

Boyer, Harvey Karl 

Brown, Frank –

Carmichael, Edward Brook

Carsman, Samuel 

Dombroff, David

Dorsey, Frank Carruthers

Dykstra, Matthew

Feingerish, Francis

Freeman, Maurice N.

Friedman, Jack

Glickman, Herman Louis 

Goldberg, Paul 

Goldstein, Abraham David

Golub, Fanny 

Harriman, Emanuel

Harris, Arthur 

Hochberg, Emanuel – Does not appear to have served during WW II.

Johnson, Allan

Kelley, Aubrey Kirby – Does not appear to have served in WW II

Klein, Herman

Lallemant, Robert

Lewandowski, Alex Anthony

Luckonick, Israel Sidney

Matison, Matthew Irving

Meresca, Stephen Anthony

Miller, Jack

Millstone, George – served but unable id branch

Mitchell, Irving – likely Army, but cannot be certain based on the document available year of birth only

Plotnick, Henry 38 months in service.

Revere, Steven E. PTO.

Santini, Victor drafted June 1945.

* Susnow, Abraham killed in action.

*Truy, Joseph D. POW died in captivity Fukuoka POW Camp #1 – Kashii (Pine Tree Camp) Kyushu Island 33-130, August 17, 1945; He was listed as a Civilian in BYD in CFNAB Wake, buried Manila American Cemetery and Memoria, Manila, Philippines.

Peters, George

Pappas, George M. (two secondary sources state he was killed in Spain)

Payne, Earle Elwood 

Perrone, John 

Pike, Dr. William Winston

Plaza, Augustin

Poole, George William

Raddock, Michael

Ransom, Marcus

Rauschwald, Mark Benjamin

Reed, Peter LeRoy Reiter, Peter

Ameliano Rios, Oscar

Rodríguez Alvarez, Lorenzo Orlando

Rody, John

Rolfe, Edwin

Rosenberg, Albert

Rosmarin, Joseph Joel

Rudner, Sidney

Saidon, Arthur

Sheehan, Roy J.

Sherman, Joseph

Sherod, Richard Montgomery

Sills, Benjamin

Silverstein, Arthur Paul

Simpson, Donald Arthur

Sirotof, Abraham

Slipyan, Samuel

Smith, Owen Jefferson

Smorodin, Abe

Snyder, John William

Solis Mesa, Alberto Raul

Sotolongo, José Luis Herrera

Steinman, Aarne Theodore

Stillman, Milton

Sundsten, Tauno Arvid

Svorinich, John Stephens

Szilagyi, Sandor

Tamler, Bud

Thompson, David

Tisa, John

Tishup, Victor

Tobman, Morris

Whalen, Joseph Albert Weisenfeld, Nathan

Weisfield, Edwin Sherman

Zimmer, Robert Joseph

Zlotnick, Louis



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  1. Maria Maki on December 1, 2021 at 3:08 pm

    Martin David Maki served in the Army from May 28, 1942 to Jan. 1946. He was with the 26th Infantry Division. He served in Europe towards the end of the war and was with the army of occupation in Czechoslovakia and that area.

  2. carl g silverman on January 7, 2022 at 4:10 am

    ALBA, Max Silverman, my father a VALB vet also served in WW2.with the US Army 332nd Engineers in Europe. he worked for George Patton and also translated French. he is my hero