The Record of John Gates at the Front by Unattributed

November 15, 2019
Nuestra Voz, Organo de la 86 Brigada, No. 1, 2 de Junio 1937, p. 5

Nuestra Voz, Organo de la 86 Brigada, No. 1, 2 de Junio 1937, p. 5

The Record of John Gates at the Front, as described by his by his Brigade Commander

The Volunteer for Liberty, V1, No. 20, October 25, 1937.

86 Brigada Mixta – Mando

The adjutant Political Commissar of the 86th Brigade, Comrade John Gates, was one of the organizers of the 20th International Battalion that left the Base at Madrigueras on March 20, 1937.

Named Political Commissar of the 2nd Company (Anglo-American Company), he was the political and organizational spirit of the Company which in all of the battle engaged in at the Pozoblanco front demonstrated great fighting courage and a truly antifascist spirit. The good work of Comrade Gates inculcated a high morale in the men.

In the Company’s difficult moments, he was given a special mission by the Military Command that he accomplished with brilliant capacity and a genuine spirit of sacrifice.

Subsequently, he exerted all of his energies in maintaining the antifascist and fighting spirit of the 20th International Battalion which found itself in difficult situations.

He took a leading part in the reconstruction and reorganization of the Battalion after suffering heavy losses in the many battles it engaged in. As a special honor he was proposed as Brigade Political Commissar. While waiting for the official appointment, he was designated Adjutant Political Commissar.

All of the missions that were imposed upon him were satisfactorily carried out. He has gained a high reputation of not only among all of the constituents of the 20th Battalion, but also in Brigade Headquarters and in the Brigade itself.

His transfer to more important work is felt very keenly by the Brigade because we lose in John Gates, a true comrade and an excellent Political Commissar in every aspect.

Brigade Headquarters, Valsequillo, October 19, 1937.

Commander of the Brigade, Acting

Commander of the Sector (signed)

Lt. Colonel Morandi, 86 Brigade.



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