The Organization of the Medical Services in the 86th Brigade by Unattributed

November 8, 2019

American Medical Bureau ButtonNuestra Voz, Organo de la 86 Brigada, No. 3, 18 de Julio 1937, p. 4-5

The comrades fighting in the front lines know better than anybody else the importance of having a well organized Medical Corps.

Both the health of the soldier in everyday life and the condition of the same man, when wounded after a battle are just as important as the condition of the weapons we must use to fight and chase the fascists out of Spain.

Our brigade is short of equipment and medical supplies but with the little on hand, and chiefly because we have an extremely efficient and self-sacrificing medical staff, we have succeeded in establishing a model medical organization.

Each battalion has its own auxiliary ambulance with its Doctor, assistants and supplies. It is really a first aid station in which the very lightly wounded and the ill with minor sicknesses remain for a few days, waiting to be in condition to resume their work at the front. The severely wounded and the seriously ill are sent to the Hospital of Belacázar, where other Doctors and nurses work efficiently and with great self-denial.

The North American Field Hospital enjoys an enviable fame, especially in the surgical field.

Every wounded man, every sick man is immediately taken care of. This is the great merit of the magnificent organization set up by the medical Commander Dr. Minkoff and by his assistants Dr. Fried as well as the services organized by the Commandants Dr. Barsky and Dr. Bush which have organized the North American Field Hospital at Belacázar. This work of the Medical Corps has been praised several times by Lieutenant-Colonel Morandi and by his Adjutant Commander Vila Cunca, who have mentioned them in their daily reports.

In the Order No. 66 of July 8th the following is said: “After an inspection of the Hospital of Belacazar, and of the Brigade we have found the work of the Doctors, nurses and of all the sanitary staff to be of exemplary quality.” What the inspectors saw fills them with a sense of security for the well-being of all those who fall wounded in this fight. Therefore, they extend their compliments to the directors of the Hospital, to Commander Irving Bush, to Captain Dr. Fried, to Lieutenant Dr. Philip Goland, To Lieutenant Dr. Friedman as well as to the whole staff of the Hospital for their unexcelled work.

The excellent spirit of collaboration between the military authorities and the Direction of the Medical Corps was best shown during the successful celebration of the Fourth of July which took place at the Field Hospital.


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