In Line Again by unattributed

October 25, 2019

Nuestra Voz, Organo de la 86 Brigada, No. 1, 2 de Junio 1937, p. 3

The English Company of the 20th Battalion has had its baptism. Isolated from the main body of the Battalion, waiting for relief from day to day, the company maintained its morale, held its discipline. It learned and it has tasted the mortification of losing some of its best comrades – in the cause of the working people of all the world.

It was not without justification that the company was feted on its rejoining the Battalion at Dos Torres.

The company is not in line again. On its right is the 19th Battalion of Carabineros – the same Battalion that lay to the right when the company took up it first position 5 kilometers outside Pozoblanco. This Battalion has been in the firing line without interruption since that time to now. That is how we are prepared to fight if this is required of us, for the cause against Fascism is not according to set rules but as circumstances demand.

Linked now with Spanish comrades, hardened by experience, well led, the company has a role to play, a role which will by no means be without joy – the joy of doing the job well and laughing at the difficulties. We came her to fight, that is our first mission and our last, and fight we will!


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