BALLAD OF TERUEL by Unattributed

October 18, 2019


Sign outside Teruel, January 1938; 11-1366, D251.

Sign outside Teruel, January 1938; 11-1366, D251.









The Volunteer, v2, no. 2, January 13, 1938



The General stood in Teruel

Whence not a few had fled;

He called his brave defenders up

And unto them he said:

“Soldiers, today we stand as one

To crush the wicked Red.


“On you, my brave ten thousand men,

I know I can depend

To guard our virgin citadel

Unto the bitter end.


“My staunch five thousand, mustered here,

Will march against the foe

And die with laughter on their lips

Because they like it so.


“I place implicit faith in you,

My fine six hundred men,

And I’ll repay you all in gold

One day (no matter when)


“None dare assert there’s braver troops

Or fairer flowers of youth

Than the two hundred standing here

(Well, not with any truth).


“Courage, my strong one hundred hearts!

The enemy arrive!

My fifty boys, my twenty lads,

My ten, my seven, my five…”


One soldier stood in Teruel

And boldly up spake he:

“You said, today we stand as one

That one shall not be me.”

“Get off my horse!” the General roared.

(The rest is history)


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