American Hospital Unit Leaves the Southern Front, Unattributed

September 20, 2019

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The Volunteer for Liberty, V.1, No. 24, November 17, 1937

After six months on the Cordoba front, the American Hospital Unit under Dr. A. I. Friedman (of Hackensack, N. J.) is now at Villa Paz for a short period of reorganization before, leaving for the Fifteenth Brigade. The American Hospital of the South and its full complement of nurses, doctors and ambulance drivers has served with the 86th Mixed Brigade since April 23, when it arrived at Pozoblanco with Dr. Edward Barsky.

This unit, consisting of an autochir (portable operating room) and its accompanying 20 bed field hospital, seven ambulances, and a 100-bed base hospital, served its “apprenticeship” with the 86th Mixed Brigade on the Los Blanquez sector. Following its short stay at the American medical base, it will be transferred to the 15th Brigade as an experienced and seasoned mobile military hospital.

The doctors, Comandante A. I. Friedman and Captain Norman Rintz, leave the Cordoba front with the highest of praise from Division Commander Morandi, bringing with them nurses and doctors to whom shell fire and aviation is no new tale.

Dr. Irving Busch, commander of the American Hospitals in Spain, is supervising the reorganization of the unit.


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