The Ebro Crossing: An Interview

August 1, 2018

photoManus O’Riordan, son of international brigadista Micheál O’Riordan, was interviewed in Catalonia about talks about the spirit of those who voluntarily fought fascism in Spain. “My father always remembered carrying the Catalan flag across the Ebro”.

The painting by Pere Piquer was unveiled by Manus O’Riordan at the Museu de Gandesa this July 28. It depicts a company of the 15th International Brigade’s British Battalion at Vinebre, 80 years ago, on the commencement of the Battle of the Ebro on July 25, 1938. Brigadista Micheál O’Riordan is shown carrying the flag of Catalunya, the senyera, while the adjoining boat flies the red, yellow and purple flag of the Spanish Republic.

See here for the text of the interview.