San Francisco Monument To Be Restored

June 9, 2016
San Francisco Monument to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

San Francisco Monument to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Efforts are ongoing to address the deterioration of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade monument in San Francisco. After initial problems of deliberate vandalism were dealt with, the elements began to take their toll on the structure. However, we have been involved in extensive conversations with different offices of the city of San Francisco for well over a year, since it belongs to the city and any change or restoration needs to go through bureaucratic channels. A local preservation company has helped us develop alternative panels that are less susceptible to vandalism and the elements. Members of the West Coast post have given us the green light to proceed. Once we get the final estimate, the next step will be to raise funds to complete the restoration. ALBA is working hard to get the Lincoln Brigade monument back in pristine shape as soon as possible so that it may continue to honor our volunteers and serve as an inspiration for future generations. We hope you will join us in this effort.

If you wish to make a gift to support our efforts, designate your donation to “ALB National Monument.” Donate online here. For more information: