Del Berg Interviewed by Friends and Neighbors

December 29, 2014
del cover photo

Photos by Phil Schermeister, courtesy of Friends and Neighbors Magazine, Sonora, CA.

In its winter 2014/2015 edition, the quarterly magazine Friends and Neighbors which celebrates the “boomers and seniors” of central California profiled the last surviving Abraham Lincoln Brigade veteran Del Berg. In the article Berg speaks about his early life in the Oregon farmlands, his decision to join the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain in 1938, and his life-long dedication to political activism.

“Deep inside of me I wanted to do what I could to stop fascism. Having grown up as a poor farm kid, I could relate to what was happening in Spain. I was thoroughly committed to going there and helping,” says Berg in the profile which is accompanied by wonderful photos of Berg today and in Spain.

Click here to read the entire story as a PDF.


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