Letter to the Editor: From the grandson of an anarchist

September 16, 2012

Buenaventura Durruti

To The Editor:

With tears in my eyes I read the list of American brigaders who fought in Spain with the Spanish Republic. The only thing I can say as the grandson of anarchist combatant is thanks, thanks and thanks always for their heroic sacrifices beyond duty, beyond life itself. When I read those names I cannot forget ever. Their example will endure beyond many generations through the value of their ideals, their love to others, in their infinite solidarity. Thank you for the blood of the fallen in the name of freedom. I also remember the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers fallen in the fields of Europe during World War II. Without the help of America and its citizens and soldiers, fascism would not have been defeated.

Again, again, a million thanks.

The grandson of an anarchist.

Angel Badal