Picasso Vandalized in Houston

June 20, 2012

Last week the 1929 Picasso painting, mujer en sofá rojo was vandalized at the Menil Collection of Houston, Texas. The vandal approached the painting unhindered and spray painted the figure of a bull with the word “conquered” below it, reported elpais.com. Fortunately, the museum houses a conservation laboratory and the painting was salvaged quickly, with all signs of the vandalism erased. Because the entire event was captured on a camera phone by a museum visitor, sources were also able to identify the vandal. According to ABC, Picassos similar to mujer en sofá roja have sold for tens of millions of dollars. Despite having mitigated the damage done to the painting, it is disturbing that the act of vandalism was not caught on camera or noticed by security, and that the culprit was simply able to leave the museum unchallenged.