Hugh Thomas interviewed on NPR

August 28, 2011

Hugh Thomas, whose The Spanish Civil War (1961) marked a milestone, was interviewed on NPR last week about his latest take on Spanish history: The Golden Empire: Spain, Charles V, and the Creation of America:

THOMAS: I’m still thought of in Spain, to some extent, as Hugh Thomas of the Spanish Civil War, though I’ve had a strange experience since then, was when my book came out first on the Spanish Civil War, I was thought to be valiantly left. Now, I’m thought to be right.  Now, that’s an interesting experience, which I rather enjoy.

SIEGEL: have you changed much over the years, or is it entirely the perspective of your critics that has changed?

THOMAS: I think they’ve changed. I don’t think I have, myself, changed very much. You mentioned that I was in the House of Lords. Well, actually, I made two speeches in the House of Lords this year, and one might have been said to be on the left, one might have been said to be on the right. So I’ve kept an even keel, you might say.

Listen to the interview, on All Things Considered, here.