Olavi Kantola

July 15, 2011
Veteran Olavi Kantola was killed in Spain when he was in his very early twenties.  His nephew Bob got in contact with ALBA when he found out that his Uncle was a member of the Lincoln Brigade.  Bob has shared with us Olavi’s passport, a few beautiful photos and other documents but most importantly, he has been immersed in the process of “rediscovering” who his uncle really was.
Bob Kantola writes:

“I do have one request, if this does make it into the museum, would you be kind enough to take a picture of it and e-mail to me. It would mean the world to me to know that I may have possibly contributed to something that was really this important in the history of the 20th century but is almost unknown or invisible to the general public.

One last thing about my Uncle…..my whole life I was told that he was a mercenary.  But from finding out out the Abe Lincoln Brigade gives me a much better feeling about him, as well the photos I have found and the little history I have learned.”


One Response to “ Olavi Kantola ”

  1. Jim on July 15, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    What a touching story. Great work, Marina! And thank you, Bob Kantola.