Spanish culture in exile and under Franco: a debate

May 31, 2011

Jordi Gracia, professor Spanish Literature at the Univ. of Barcelona

Last week in Brussels I had a public debate with Jordi Gracia, who holds the chair of Spanish literature at the University of Barcelona, about the nature of Spanish culture during the Franco dictatorship and the place of Republican exiles in Spanish cultural history. The exchange was sparked by Gracia’s book on the topic, which came out last year. My talk can be read here (pdf), and heard here (50 min., mp3). Gracia’s reply is here (40 min., mp3). The debate, including questions from the audience, is here (1 hr., mp3). All in Spanish. The debate was part of a three-day conference on the essay in the Spanish speaking world, organized by our colleagues at the Universities of Gent, Leuven, and Brussels.