Highlights from the ALBA site (2): Jewish volunteers

January 28, 2011

Aixafem el Feixisme (Smash Fascism). Attributed to Pere Catalá-Pic. Comissaria de Propaganda de la Generalitat de Catalunya. http://orpheus.ucsd.edu/speccoll/visfront/aixafem.html

The ALBA website features several full-fledged thematic introductions and lesson plans, such as this unit on Jewish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, prepared by Peter N. Carroll, Fraser M. Ottanelli and Rajel Ibañes Sperber:

Jewish men and women accounted for over one fourth of all international volunteers and played a prominent role in most of the national groups that went to Spain including those from the United States. Among other countries, they came from France, Poland, Britain, Canada, and Palestine; they were Socialists, Communists, Zionists, or Bundists. Wherever they came from, whatever their political convictions, all volunteers understood that Fascism represented the greatest threat for Jews and the rest of humanity. The battlefields of Spain gave Jews the first opportunity to offer organized armed resistance against Fascism and Nazi anti-Semitism.

See the whole lesson here.