Colombia considers hiring Garzón

January 25, 2011

Baltasar Garzón. Foto AFP

The Colombian government is contemplating the hire of Baltasar Garzón as Human Rights advisor as it sets up a process for transitional justice, ABC and Público report. The Judge has been suspended from his post at the National Criminal Court pending three cases against him at the Supreme Court. Last week, in a surprise development, the Supreme Court’s prosecutor sided with Garzón and his lawyers, who had requested that five of the Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from one of the three case–in which Garzón is charged with knowingly overstepping his judicial boundaries when he initiated an investigation, or causa general, of crimes against humanity committed under Francoism–arguing that their previous involvement in investigating Garzón negatively affects their impartiality when it comes to pronouncing a verdict.