“Hidden Truths” CD now available

October 8, 2010

Utopia Productions based in Guillena, Andalucía has produced a CD of a live concert performed by the 24-year old Andalusian singer-songwriter, Lucía Sócam. She lends her voice to those who were forced to remain silent for so many years. All 18 songs are based on testimony by different people who tried to save the embattled Republic, and who had remained anonymous until now.

One song is about Albino Garrido who managed to escape from the concentration camp in Castuera (Badajoz) and crossed the border into France after walking for 72 days; another focuses on the massive bombing – by land, sea and air – of the civilian population of Malaga as they fled in February, 1937.

The high point of the concert held August 19th was when Sócam sang about the “19 Roses of Guillena”, who had been assassinated in nearby Gerena, one of whom was a relative of hers, and before other family members of the victims, in their own town.

“We’re using music to raise the conscienceness of people who haven’t studied the recent past at school”.

Utopía Producciones has edited a CD-book for the Association to Recover Historical Memory 19 Women of Guillena, in collaboration with the Andalusian government.

Although only 18 stories are included in the record, a companion book includes over 120 stories collected for this project from Andalusia and other Spanish regions. The stories were contributed by the protagonists or their surviving family members.

The association and Utopia Productions hopes to reach a wide international audience with this project and is offering concerts for those organizations interesting in hosting one.

You can download the concert for free here