Barrie Stavis papers at University of Delaware

May 28, 2010

The University of Delaware reports the acquisition of the literary archive of American playwright Barrie Stavis (1906-2007):

Stavis knew at an early age that he would pursue a career as a writer. During the 1930s he struggled with his writing, but in 1937 sailed for Europe to volunteer his service in the Spanish Civil War. Stavis’s skills as a writer were put to good use and he worked primarily as a journalist. His experiences in Spain provided the themes for several plays and stories, notably the one-act playRefuge and the full-length drama The International Brigade.

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One Response to “ Barrie Stavis papers at University of Delaware ”

  1. Mary Jane Degnan on July 27, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    I work at the University of North Carolin School the Arts/School of Drama and we want to mount a production of Harpers Ferry in spring 2011. I can’t find out who to contact regarding Royalty. Mr. Stavis’ agent has died and the agency no longer has a phone. Do you know who I contact? I have been trying to call his widow at 212 831 7174 but am not getting an answer. Do you know of anyone I can call regarding roylaty is there a new agent handling his estate?
    Thank you,
    Mary Jane Degnan