A refugee story with a Spanish chapter

April 2, 2010

From JWeekly:

Renée Duering (who lives in Daly City) and Margot Slodzina (a longtime resident of Caracas, Venezuela) originally met one another in 1933 in Cologne, Germany, as young members of the Jewish girl scouts. […]

Margot finished high school at the German school in Madrid. In 1936, at the start of the Spanish Civil War, the family moved to Barcelona, where it was safer. To get hired as a teacher at a Swiss school in Barcelona, Margot, then 16, lied and told the principal she was 18. She taught German and Spanish at the school until 1942, when it became clear Hitler’s power would eventually extend into Spain.

“The people without influence in Spain were wonderful to us as immigrants,” Margot recalled. “The human relationships were good; the politics were bad.”

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