ALBA Board Elects New Officers and Welcomes New Board Member

May 24, 2024

Aaron Retish

At its annual meeting in New York City, the ALBA Board of Governors elected longtime board member Aaron Retish as its new Chair. The author of several books on revolutionary Russia, Aaron is a professor of Russian history at Wayne State, where he also oversees the Abraham Lincoln Scholarship program. For ALBA, he has served for many years as Treasurer and president of the jury for the George Watt Essay Contest. He is also co-editor of this magazine. Aaron succeeds Sebastiaan Faber, who served as (co-)chair since 2010, with a three-year hiatus. The officers who continue in their current position include María Hernández-Ojeda (Vice-Chair) and Jo Labanyi (Secretary). Gina Herrmann was elected to succeed Aaron as Treasurer. The Board also welcomed its newest member David Parsard, a Brooklyn-born scholar of medieval Spain who is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Brown University.

David Parsard. Photo Donald Borenstein