Grandchildren’s Testimonies Online

February 24, 2024

The overwhelming response from the grandchildren of Lincoln veterans to ALBA’s invitation to submit a video testimony has given rise to a webpage featuring 20 moving videos. See for details and stay tuned for an event in the fall featuring these testimonies. You can also click on the thumbnails below.

Tribute to: Vicente Sanchis Amades Tribute to: Bill Susman Tribute to: Alvah Bessie
Video by: Dean Burrier Sanchis Video by: Rebecca and Sasha Susman Video by: Adam Bessie
Tribute to: Sam Levinger Tribute to: Bill Susman Tribute to: Joseph Isaac Siegel
Video by: Laurie Levinger Video by: Janak Ramakrishnan and Shantha Susman Video by: Isabel Halpern
Tribute to: Max Parker Tribute to: Harry Finkenberg Tribute to: Ed Balchowsky
Video by: Max Bennett-Parker Video by: Josh Finkenberg Video by: Jeff Balch
Tribute to: Morris Tobman Tribute to: Carl Geiser Tribute to: Morris Tobman
Video by: Michael Tobman Video by: Nell Geiser Video by: Mara Lee Grayson
Tribute to: Paolino Sarti Tribute to: Harry Fisher Tribute to: George Hendrickson
Video by: Doug Sarti Video by: Rachel Ithen Video by: Kate Hendrickson
Tribute to: Joseph Isaac Siegel Tribute to: Harry Klieman Tribute to: Rubin Schechter and Harry Nobel
Video by: Max Halpern Video by: Brendan Broms Video by: Rich Rothman
Tribute to: Leonard Olson Tribute to: Robert Klonsky
Video by: Leah A Hassett Video by: Jessica & Leigh Klonsky