Workshops, Screenings, & Panel Discussions: An ALBA-Filled Spring

May 17, 2023

Milicianas. Centro Documental de Memoria Histórica, FC-CAUSA_GENERAL,1547,Exp.1,N.307.

Between workshops, screenings, and panel discussions, the past couple of months have been busy for the ALBA staff and board. Here’s an overview of our programming since the last issue of The Volunteer came out:

Two Dozen Teachers Attend ALBA Workshop

This April and May, ALBA once again offered its online workshop for teachers, along with the Massachusetts-based Collaborative for Educational Services. About two dozen teachers spent five weeks learning about the Spanish Civil War and designing curricular materials based on primary sources to address questions about history, activism, and human rights.

Film Panel Discusses Transitional Justice in Guatemala

On April 18, filmmakers Pamela Yates and ALBA board member Paco de Onís, of Skylight Pictures, joined an online panel to discuss their 2011 documentary Granito, which features 2012 ALBA/Puffin Human Rights Award recipient Kate Doyle. See the video on ALBA’s YouTube channel.

Workshop on Women in War

On March 8, International Women’s Day, ALBA board member Jo Labanyi taught a lively workshop on Women and the Spanish Civil War as part of the Perry Rosenstein Cultural Series, which seeks to engage the general public in small-group discussions that delve into the important questions prompted by historical materials.

Virtual Tour of the Archive

To introduce newcomers to the ALBA archive collections, the Tamiment Library held a Virtual Tour of its holdings on May 17, guided by Danielle Nista, Tamiment head Shannon O’Neill, and ALBA’s Peter Carroll and Sebastiaan Faber. See the video on ALBA’s website and YouTube channel.