Letter to the Editors: About Manus O’Riordan

February 12, 2022

To the Editors:

While there have been many recent tributes to my late partner Manus O’Riordan in the Irish media, including President D. Michael Higgins’ own website, and from the many organizations in which he was involved, such as the IBMT and his union, SIPTU, The Volunteer’s article on Manus held very special significance for me.

It demonstrated the internationalism first exemplified by the Brigadistas, whom we honor.  Manus would have been pleased that his work on behalf of the anti-fascist legacy of the International Brigades made an impact on those who work to restore the legacy of the Lincoln Brigade as well, where many Irishmen fought under the leadership of Frank Ryan.  Manus led a life filled with purpose, never letting up on writing, rallying and speaking about Irish labor, the Irish war of independence and of course, the Spanish anti-fascist war.  It meant a great deal to see that life recognized by a sister/fraternal IB organization.

I just received my print issue of The Volunteer.  I had seen the article about Manus online, but somehow seeing it highlighted on the cover and on the back pages had a very different and even stronger impact.  Richard Baxell’s very comprehensive account also highlighted the personal qualities, the sense of humor, the erudition, the quick wit, the passionate sense of justice, that those of us who loved him as family also cherished.  In addition to contributing to The Volunteer in memory of my father, VALB Hy Wallach, I have now added a donation in memory of IBMT Ireland Secretary Manus O’Riordan.


Nancy Wallach

ALBA Board Member