Letter to the Editors

August 23, 2018
By and

June_2018_CoverThank you, Alan Singer, for your article in The Volunteer (June 2018). Considering the lessons offered by history is the reason ALBA exists, and your article was important and relevant. 

However, to me, the Standing Rock events and demonstrations were perhaps the most significant ones of the past few years, and I was sorry you did not include mention of them in your article. No other recent protest or movement represented the intersection of more issues than Standing Rock: the history of genocide and occupation of Native land, racism, environmental destruction, corporate power and big money in government, militarization of security and police apparatus, etc., or attracted more allies and supporters from all over the world — in spite of the fact that the locus of the events was rural and remote. Further, the underlying (traditional Native) spirituality of the majority of the organizers gave the movement a profound ethical and moral strength. Thus, of all the movements to emerge recently, I find this one the most inspiring. 

With appreciation, 

Leslie Correll
Oakland, CA     

Alan Singer Replies:

This is a fair comment. I have no further response.