Letter from ALBA: Forever Activists

December 3, 2016
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Dear Friends and Comrades,

It is raining in New York, the day after the election, as we go to press. On the streets, people go about their business with a grim expression and reddened eyes. History can weigh on us; it can shock us as it suddenly turns—but it also can guide us, showing us the path that others took through darkness while holding aloft the light of solidarity and freedom. 

The temptation of the present, the temptation of this dispiriting day, is to conclude that this election represents the country as it is and always has been. But we know better.

The first Americans who risked their lives to fight fascism in Spain represent only one example of the long American struggle against social inequality and authoritarians, against racism and misogyny. This example also reminds us, however, that in spite of the challenges they faced, the hardships they endured and the defeats they suffered, the women and men of the Lincoln Brigade never lost their hope for a better world. They were and remained “forever activists.” 

This is why ALBA’s educational work is so important: it shows us the way forward through the study of our past. History is a powerful tool that we can put in the hand of a new generation of activists as they confront the challenges ahead. This is what we do at ALBA. This is what we will do today, and tomorrow and the days after.

As we continue our work, we draw inspiration from the volunteers who showed us that in the darkest of times people are called to the highest acts of decency and courage.

Thank you for being part of this struggle.

¡No Pasarán!

Fraser Ottanelli, Chair of the Board of Governors

Fraser Ottanelli, Chair of the Board of Governors

Marina Garde Executive Director

Marina Garde
Executive Director