Del Berg honored by IBMT at AGM on October 15

October 28, 2016
bergThe IBMT made special note of Delmer Berg’s passing at their annual AGM in Dublin on Oct. 15.  IBMT Chairman Richard Baxell called on me to say a few words on his behalf.  Below is the text of my remarks.  It was especially significant to honor the last Lincoln Brigade veteran in the presence of the president of the country, Michael D. Higgins, who delivered the keynote address.
“It’s my great pleasure to bring you greetings from ALBA.  We share with you the common goal of honoring the legacy of antifascism and international solidarity of the International Brigades, and of passing along to future generations the lessons of their glorious example.  This year was marked by the passing of Delmer Berg, the last surviving veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, who continued to devote his long life after Spain to working for a more just world and the fulfillment of the ideals that originally motivated him to go to Spain.  His heroism was acknowledged by no less than Senator John McCain.  Del’s passing has made us all realize the importance, now more than ever, of the responsibility we all bear to reclaim the historical memory of the International Brigades and restore their rightful place in history. ” (Richard Baxell made the link to McCain’s essay available to the participants in the AGM.)
Seated: Manus O’Riordan (Ireland Sec), Michael D. Higgins – the President of Ireland, Sabina Higgins, Richard Baxell (IBMT Chair). 
Standing: Dolores Long (North West England Sec), Mike Arnott (Scotland Sec), Jim Jump (IBMT Sec), Manuel Moreno (IBMT Treasurer), Nancy Wallach (ALBA), Mary Greening (Wales and Membership Sec).