Volunteer with the International Brigades Archaeology Project

June 15, 2015

IBAP at El Saso. Photo Credit: Alvaro Minguito.

The International Brigades Archaeology Project (IBAP) is a Spanish (Incipit/CSIC) and British, archaeological initiative exploring the ‘landscapes encountered by the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War’. IBAP is unique in that it has been able to draw upon non-Spanish volunteers to take part and learn about the SCW in a hands-on way, and academically, it is the only international research project dealing with the archaeology of the SCW.

IBAP began in 2014, working around the town of Belchite in Aragon. During the previous season, IBAP excavated the Republican trenches at Mediana and the fortifications at El Saso (formerly a lambing shed or paridera) IBAP plans to carry out further work in the vicinity of the town this coming September. The lead archaeologist for IBAP is Dr Alfredo Gonzalez-Ruibal of the Spanish National Research Council (Incipit/CSIC), a specialist in the materiality of the Spanish Civil War and of 20th Century conflict.

IBAP is accepting volunteers for the 2015 field season this fall. If you are interesting in applying to work with IBAP or would like more information about the project, click here or email ibapinfo@gmail.com.
[program information courtesy of Dr. Salvatore Garfi, UK IBAP Coordinator]

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