Calling on the second and third generations to help preserve the legacy of the Lincolns

January 3, 2014

06_VALB paradeAbraham_Lincoln_Brigade_Vietnam_War_ProtestersThe Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, which is dedicated to educating future generations about the Spanish Civil War, is engaged in a renewed effort to reach out the members of the second and third generations to help recuperate and preserve the collective history of the Spaniards and Internationals who fought fascism. Our aim is to ensure that the contributions of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade will not be erased from our history.

Many of you have memories of the parents, aunts, uncles and close friends who were engaged in the Spanish Anti-Fascist War or who worked tirelessly to raise funds for ambulances, medical supplies for republican Spain, and later aided the Spanish exile community. Others have discovered the ALB through life experiences. As the last of the Lincolns pass the torch to us, ALBA is committed to involving, honoring, recording and archiving our generation as well.

Tell us how you came to be involved in supporting and sustaining the glorious legacy of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

If you wish to participate contact