Letter from ALBA: Help us inspire new generations

December 19, 2013
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Dear Friends,

This has been an ambitious year for ALBA as we continue to grow our human rights initiatives and strengthen our educational programming. We recently wrapped up our Third Annual Human Rights Documentary Film Series, Impugning Impunity, at Pace University.  It was a terrific showing that included powerful films on a range of social justice issues, including Sundance Film Festival Winner Dirty Wars written by Jeremy Scahill.

The legacy of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade continues to inspire new generations to engage in progressive activism. We reach thousands of young minds every year through the hundreds of teachers who attend our Teaching Institutes.  Participating teachers leave our workshops excited and energized. Surveys show they overwhelmingly integrate lessons on the Spanish Civil War and the Lincoln Brigade in their classes.  The comments from participants reflect enthusiasm for the topic and appreciation of our work: “Terribly excited to explore and share!” said a teacher from Tampa, Florida, who attended our workshop in May. “Probably one of the best professional development experiences…. Tons of ideas offered,” said a colleague from Bergen County, New Jersey, after participating in our April workshop.

As you read this issue we are gearing up for a year-end gathering that will include a screening of Goodbye Barcelona – a West End (London) musical about the International Brigades. It has received rave reviews in England and Spain!  Our gathering promises to be a fabulous night of music and inspiration. We hope to see your friendly faces, although we realize that some of you are far from New York.

In an effort to engage all of our supporters nation-wide more regularly, we’re exploring online venues to begin offering some of our programs remotely by streaming them on the internet, starting with the 2014 Susman lecture. Of course we will also keep sharing news, including the winning essays of the 2013 George Watt Award Competition, through our blog and online Volunteer at albavolunteer.org. Keep an eye out for these exciting developments in the next few months!

It is thanks to you, our steadfast community, that we are able to continue the important work begun by the men and women of the Lincoln Brigade.  And it is with you by our side that we will carry on their fight for social justice and human rights.  On this 77th anniversary year of the arrival of the Brigades in Spain, please honor their vision for a better tomorrow with a gift supporting ALBA and the work you believe in.



Marina Garde Executive Director

Marina Garde
Executive Director

Sebastiaan Faber Chair of the Board of Governors

Sebastiaan Faber
Chair of the Board of Governors








P.S. The cost of books, supplies, and a lunch for one teacher is $100. Why not add this “apple-for-the-teacher” to your gift list?