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September 14, 2013
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Milton Wolff, last commander of the Abraham Lincoln battalion, marveled that it took him more years to write his memoir of the Spanish Civil War (Another Hill) than it took him to fight in it. For a “little war” (both in duration and scope) that war has had immense consequences and attracted immeasurable interest.

Besides the general scholarly attention to the conflict, three major authors are currently involved in researching aspects of the war: Richard Rhodes, author of several prizewinning books about the atomic and hydrogen bombs, is working on a history of medical care during the Spanish Civil War; Adam Hochschild, most famous for King Leopold’s Ghost, is writing a narrative history of American journalists and volunteers; Giles Tremlett, former correspondent of the British Guardian, has committed to a project on the International Brigades.

The controversies surrounding the Spanish Civil War also continue. In Madrid, a newly-built monument to the International Brigades, has provoked a legal battle, not yet resolved. Efforts to resuscitate legal cases against those responsible for mass murders during the Franco regime have prompted Judge Baltasar Garzón and others to call for a Truth Commission to bring reconciliation.

This renewed interest in the Spanish Civil War gives ALBA an opportunity to expand its educational activities. Teachers and students at the high school level are eager to learn more about the events leading up to World War II, as well as to make connections between Spain and current world events. Viewing the bombing of civilians and the treatment of refugees during the Spanish Civil War through the lens of human rights, ALBA brings a new ethical and moral dimension to the regular high school classroom.

And this inevitably lead to a broader reevaluation of our history. Teachers and students alike are surprised to learn that the Lincoln Brigade was racially integrated long before the U.S. Army and the Red Cross were obliged to desegregate their ranks (and their blood supplies).

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Sebastiaan Faber Chair of the Board of Governors

Sebastiaan Faber
Chair of the Board of Governors

Marina Garde Executive Director

Marina Garde
Executive Director










P.S. Our success in reaching the younger generations requires considerable time and money. You already know that. But now as we are achieving more than ever, please help us to do even more.