Toshi Seeger passes away

July 11, 2013
Pete and Toshi Seeger at the 2009 Clearwater Festival. Photo

Pete and Toshi Seeger at the 2009 Clearwater Festival. Photo

We have just received the sad news that Toshi Seeger, Pete Seeger’s wife, passed away on July 9. Mark Moss at writes:

She was a mother, an organizer, an activist and filmmaker … and an essential part of all of her husband’s work. She was 91.

As much as Pete is a consummate dreamer and optimist, Toshi had a strength and brilliance that was at least his equal. Their’s was a true partnership. Without Toshi’s counsel and support, and always outspoken and direct opinions, it’s clear to anyone who ever met these two remarkable people that, without Toshi, Pete would never have had the foundation and freedom to do the work that made him so legendary.

But Toshi, despite her profound wisdom, strength, morality and courage, was also extremely modest and self-effacing. Often rebuffing attention paid to her, and always doing a loving job at making sure that Pete was always grounded and clear about how his work, his missions, were always bigger than a single man or woman.

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