Across the Pyrenees

March 10, 2013

“Across the Pyrenees” is a presentation of the Walk Across the Pyrenees organized by British friends of the International Brigades. It follows the path of the volunteers as they stole into Republican Spain in the dead of night. Their goal was to defeat fascism in Spain before it spread into Europe. Three people from Friends & Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (FFALB) were there: Penny Demas, Carol Giardina and Margarita Asencio-Lopez. You will hear about their experiences on this walk last spring and see a wonderful British-made video of their trek.

Almost three years later, exiles from Spain trudged across the Pyrenees in the opposite direction, escaping Franco’s armies on foot through winter snow with their belongingsand children on their backs, only to face callous deprivation in France. Nancy Wallach will share her visit with members of this exile community and their intertwined histories in the Brigades, the French Resistance and the Spanish anti-fascist guerrillas. They are a part of the living history commemorated in the sites she visited.

Sunday march 10, 2 -5 in the afternoon, 280 Ninth Avenue (26th St) Apt 7D, Wever – intercom #6358. Host: Friends & Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (FFALB). Light refreshments RSVP 212 989-8624.