La Marea: Spain’s rebellion moves to print

January 24, 2013

Cover of the second issue of La Marea, which appears this week.

Every crisis is an opportunity. “The debt crisis and years of recession have hit Spanish media hard: some 70 news outlets have closed in the last four years and a reported 9,000 journalists are currently without work,” Michael Levitin writes for Truthout and in a piece about the new, employee-owned, cooperative Spanish magazine La Marea:

Building on the social and political momentum generated by Spain’s 15M movement—known to many abroad as the Indignados, who began in May of 2011 and continue to campaign against bank bailouts, unlawful foreclosures and a raft of financial and political crimes—editor Daniel Ayllon says the publication is “one more piece in the process, where journalism professionals enter in this chain of social change.” …

La Marea, which means “the tide,” isn’t actually a magazine, but it’s not quite a newspaper either: it’s a compact hybrid monthly, 64 pages long, on full-color tabloid-sized newsprint that is now being sold for three euros a pop at kiosks in the nation’s three largest cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. In bookstores and news shops elsewhere, from Valladolid to Huesca and from Málaga to Seville, people are quickly grabbing the January launch issue, which totaled 25,000 copies and went on sale the Friday before Christmas. The February edition is due out this Friday.

In its editorial principles, La Marea states its commitment to “the defense of the public, of equality and secularism; of economic justice, historic memory, dignified work, the environment, the right to housing and free culture…also to social movements and democratic regeneration.”

Check out La Marea here; read the whole article here. Read Volunteer coverage about the birth of La Marea here.


One Response to “ La Marea: Spain’s rebellion moves to print ”

  1. 4lex on January 26, 2013 at 3:38 am

    As a socio of the cooperative: thanks for this, and thanks for what you do! It’s beautiful to search who are our international friends and find sites like this one. I’ll go read “La ira legítima” right away 🙂