“This machine kills fascists”: Peter Seeger still going strong at 93

October 28, 2012

Pete Seeger at "Songs for the Cause." Photo Len Tsou

NPR’s Karen Michel visited Pete Seeger, who has cut two new albums:

Tall and lean, in faded Levi’s and corduroy shirt, Pete Seeger still pretty much looks like he did when the young Harvard dropout met the man who helped him find his life’s work: Woody Guthrie.  … In a spoken-word track on his new Guthrie tribute album, Pete Remembers Woody, Seeger tells the story of Guthrie’s famous slogan. “He went through WWII with a piece of cardboard pasted to the top of his guitar: ‘This machine kills fascists,’ ” Seeger says on the recording. “He really wanted his guitar to help win the war against Hitler. When Woody went into a hospital in 1952 … I put something similar on my banjo: ‘This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.’ “

Pete played a benefit concert for ALBA in October 2012. Read and listen to the NPR story here.