Journalist Links Franco to Holocaust

October 11, 2012

Journalist Martín de Pozuelo has recently proved, document by document, direct links between the Franco regime and the Holocaust, in which, “the few times that the Franco government facilitated help towards the jews was for foreign causes in their own interest or for propagandistic purposes,” reports El Plural. According to El Plural, these documents demonstrate that in specific instances in which the government under Franco could have actively helped the Jewish cause, they instead made use of their money. Also in the documents, however, were records of a strong counter movement that helped save the lives of thousands of Jews. Most notable in this collection (entitled El franquísmo, cómplice del holocausto), however, is Pozuelo’s exploration of the dictatorship’s immense use of propaganda throughout its regime. The new publication will surely serve as a means for reassessing the severe atrocities of the Franco regime.

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