“To Say Goodbye” Competes at the San Sebastian Film Festival

September 4, 2012

From September 21-29, British director Matt Richard’s new film, entitled “To Say Goodbye,” will premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival, in San Sebastian, Spain. According to El Público, the animated film tells the story of “4,000 Basque children who set sail on the Habana ship en route to the United Kingdom” during the bombing of Guernica in 1937 in the midst of the Spanish Civil War. The children were granted temporary asylum by Great Britain and were accepted as renegades during their time there. This past May, the film aired for the first time in South Hampton, with over 250 of the “children” in attendance. The importance of the animation in “To Say Goodbye” is not to be overlooked. While this technique serves pragmatic purposes (such as turning archival photographs into a more life-like presentation), the animation may prove to draw attention to the youth and innocence of the children during the Civil War.

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