Helen Graham’s new book reviewed

September 9, 2012

Helen Graham’s The War and Its Shadow, just out from Sussex Academic Press, is “a book concerned with what must now be considered the most important revisionist project in the study of world history, and that is the significance and truth of the Spanish Civil War”, writes Gary Raymond in the Wales Arts Review; “it packs a lasting punch, and delivers some stories, statistics and analogies that will surely be returned to as this revisionism develops over the coming years. Her research is second to none.” Read the whole review here; support ALBA by ordering the book at Powell’s; and stay tuned for a special feature from the book in the upcoming September issue of the Volunteer.


One Response to “ Helen Graham’s new book reviewed ”

  1. Soukeyna N on September 11, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    Is this Helen Graham’s second work on the Spanish Civil War? I liked Graham’s style in “The Spanish Civil War: A Very Short Introduction” and she truly did have in depth research. This new book may be a great addition to first and can provide a deeper investigation in the latter parts of the war and the significance of the war as a whole.