Lorca in a Green Dress, play about slain poet, opens in Spain

July 23, 2012

Lorca in a Green Dress opened July 20 in the New Casa 0101 Theater

A new play called Lorca in a Green Dress opened July 20.  Written by Cuban-American Pulitzer Prize winner Nino Cruz, the surrealist Lorca pays homage to Federico García Lorca, writer of Gypsy Ballads, Mariana Pineda, and Play Without a Title.  Lorca was killed by fascist foces on 19 August 1936 in the opening days of the Spanish Civil War.

Lorca in a Green Dress is a bilingual drama set in 1936 after the assassination of Lorca and at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. The story begins when Lorca wakes up in a place called “The Lorca Room,” a type of purgatory where he is to be quarantined for the next 40 days. Five different actors portray aspects of the poet’s personality in a surrealistic landscape that questions what it means to die, to live, to create and to love. The cast also includes a Flamenco dancer and guitarist who will perform original improvised instrumental music. This particular production will also feature original music composed by Christopher Davis, with original lyrics penned by Nino Cruz. And incorporated in the script, Cruz uses some of Lorca’s famous poetry collections such as Gypsy Ballads, Poet in New York, Divan del Tamarit, and Sonnets of Dark Love.

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