Englishman leads SCW tours in Barcelona

July 23, 2012

La Rambla, the building from where the opening shots of the SCW were fired is one of the many sites visited by Nick Lloyd on his tours.

Of Barcelona’s 50-some museums, not one of them commemorates the Spanish Civil War.  However, Nick Lloyd, an English expat from Stockport, has decided to fill this void by leading 2-3 hour-long tours in English and Spanish.  Stephan Burgen, a writer for the Guardian joined one tour and learned that most of the tour was composed of a Spanish theater company researching a play.

[They] admit that they learned very little about the civil war at school. “Mostly just a list of dates,” says one. “Your own history is the one you know least about,” says another, who tells me later that the war was never discussed at home.

When asked whether they found an Englishman teaching Spaniards their own history strange, one woman replied:

“Not at all. Everyone knows that the English know more about the war than we do.” . . .  [Indeed,] until Franco’s death in 1975, the only impartial accounts of the war were written by British historians

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