Spanish Liberals and Intellectuals Promote Writers’ Conference

June 29, 2012

This coming fall, many renowned Spanish liberals and intellectuals will be promoting and celebrating a so-called Conference of Writers, Intellectuals, and Artists for the Compromise. The conference is set to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the “legendary Second International Writers’ Conference for the Defense of Culture, which in the summer of 1937 met in Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid, with some of the most important European and American intellectuals in attendance,” reports Among the big names attending the conference will be Isaac Rosa, Emma Cohen, and Marta Sanz, as well as many others. Promoters of the conference claim it will serve to combat the “profound sense of uneasiness” that has been caused by the current world economic crisis, and serve as a transformative ideological experience. The Conference of Writers, Intellectuals, and Artists for the Compromise will follow in the footsteps of other famed Spanish organizations and alliances, most notably the Antifascist Alliance of Intellectuals for the Defense of Culture (created in 1936), whose members included the likes of Luis Buñuel and Max Aub. While the political agenda of the current conference may initially appear less focused or specific, there is no doubt it will be an optimistic and important event.