On “The Outsiders: Martha Gellhorn”

June 8, 2012

In this 1983 interview with Martha Gellhorn, the renowned journalist, novelist, and war correspondent discusses in great length her views regarding the Great Depression, the Spanish Civil War, World War II, and the Vietnam War, among other human rights-threatening historical events.  Throughout the nearly half-hour long conversation, Gellhorn staunchly lambasts the idiocy of governments, the destruction of which she has witnessed and written about first hand.  Gellhorn comes across as deeply critical, but her opinions on censorship and the importance of employing objective rhetoric in journalism make this video a must-see for anyone interested in the field.  In describing the scenes of torture and violations of basic human rights she witnessed as a prisoner of war in Dachau, Gellhorn’s words carry a kind of pathos that enable the viewer to relate to her experiences on a visceral level.  Whether you are interested in hearing a strong and thoughtful perspective on war, human rights, government, or the art of journalism, this interview is certainly worth your time. Watch it here.