Ex Argentine Dictator Awaits His Sentence, Insults Pregnant Women

June 29, 2012

This past Tuesday, Jorge Rafael Videla, the ex Argentine dictator who ruled from 1976 to 1983, gave his final words in his court case regarding the theft of babies from pregnant women during the country’s Dirty War. According to elpais.com, the 86 year-old Videla used this platform as a means for insulting the pregnant women who were tortured during the war, exclaiming, “What is certain is that all the women who had recently given birth who were mentioned in the suit, as well as those in the prosecutor’s office, were actively militaries in the machinery of terror. And many of them used their children as human shields…” Such shockingly inappropriate behavior has come to be expected of Videla, however, as the dictator is also guilty of 31 assassinations and countless violations of human rights. Despite this, it is may still come as surprising that Videla used this past court date (the last time he would be able to speak publicly before his sentence is read to him next Thursday) not as a means to repent but to aggravate. As elpais.com stated, “[Videla] once again assumed his role as a martyr and said that he would serve his sentence as if it were an act of service to God and his country.” Thankfully no one will be hearing any more of his slander for years to come.