ALBA honors Lincoln Brigader, Activists

June 8, 2012

Delmer Berg at the event

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives celebrated the Brigade’s 76th anniversary last Sunday in Berkeley, California by honoring Delmer Berg, Kate Doyle, and Fredy Peccerelli.  Mr. Berg, now 96,  is one of the four remaining veterans of the Lincoln Brigade, yet

continues to be active in community and senior affairs. “I’m really happy to be among people who are concerned about what’s happening now, and what was happening when we were in Spain,” he told the audience.

Kate Doyle and Fredy Peccerelli, received ALBA and the Puffin Foundation’s second annual Award for Human Rights Activism.  Doyle is the National Security Archive’s senior analyst of U.S. policy in Latin America while Peccerelli heads the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation.

The two have worked together for 20 years to expose the evidence of human rights violations in Guatemala during the 1960-1996 “internal conflict,” during which an estimated 200,000 people were killed and 40-50,000 people “disappeared” by U.S.-trained government forces.

Doyle said that their $100,000 reward will go to continuing their work.

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