Langston Hughes, Barcelona bombings, and the drone war

May 6, 2012

Langston Hughes with Lincoln volunteer and poet Edwin Rolfe

John A. Gronbeck-Tedesco, at Dissident Voice, recalls Langston Hughes’ poem “Barcelona Air Raid” in relation to the increased use by the US administration of unmanned drones:

In targeting non-state individuals, questions of human rights and rightful protections readily present themselves.  They center on uncovering the criteria that deem certain individuals “terrorist,” “militant,” or “insurgent.”  A select, multinational decision making network of high level intelligence officials act as judge and jury regarding who and what constitute global and local threats.  But in this process there are no democratic standards, no transparent forms of indictment, no outside accountability.  We do not always know the exact crimes suspects were meant to have committed.  In short, there is no definite way of pinpointing how guilt of an individual is assessed or the resulting consequences bore by families and communities that fall victim to unmanned war.

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