Media covers Fernández immigration exhibit

March 3, 2012

Antonio Nespereira, sitting as a boy in the center, and his family. On the right is a photo of his grandfather, who stayed behind in Galicia, Spain, attached to the family photo. (Photo: Arturo Conde)

Arturo Conde, writing for Univisión, praises James D. Fernández’s exhibit of Spanish immigrants in New York, currently on display in Asturias, Spain:

Fernández’s exhibit, “The Colony: A Photographic Album of Spanish Immigrants in New York, 1898-1945,” which has just made its way from New York to Spain on tour, points out that, while there were just 23,000 Spaniards among 110,000 Spanish-speakers citywide in 1930 (according to the census), their connection with Cuba and Puerto Rico enabled them to become the cultural brokers of the Hispanic or Latino community. Fernández points out that emblematic Latino brands like Goya Foods and Café Bustelo were founded by Spanish immigrants who had close ties with the Puerto Rican and Cuban communities.

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